Monday, February 8, 2010

Apparently I Like Being Told What to Do

Okay fine, that's a big fat lie. I don't like it and probably never will. But I AM loving the recipe calendar I picked up late last year.  A new recipe each and every day. And though I haven't gone all Stepford on the hubs, I am loving trying 2 or 3 different recipes each week so we're not stuck having heck knows what for dinner night after night.
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I'm thinking I need a calendar like this for all aspects of my life. Of course I wouldn't do everything it told me to, but it'd be nice to eliminate some "hmmm, what should I do?" moments. 

Like when your girlfriend's 1 yr old wants to stick the drooly plastic stick he's been chomping on, into your mouth. Because he doesn't know you're the BIGGEST germaphobe ever. Or does he? I mean do you a)Smile and let him stick it in your mouth and say "nom, nom, nom" b)Politely decline and get him to stick it back in his mouth or c)Smack it out of your face and say "heck no". 
C of course is not an option. 
But it might be if a calendar told me so.

Or when family members tell you you've gained weight. Then wink. Do you a)Smile and say "thank you(?)" b)Cry because you're not pregnant but your dress makes you appear as though you are or c)Tell them their hairlines have receded since the last family BBQ. 
Of course B and C aren't options.
But they could be...

Or when the driver in front of you decides to drive 40km/h in a 70 zone. Do you a)Pretend he has a bumper sticker that says "Honk if you Love Dogs" b)Get out from behind him, siddle up and ask if he'd like to drive a donkey cart instead or c)Pull over and walk home. It'll be faster.
Of course A, B or C aren't options.
But they could be...

I kid. I couldn't do it even if a calendar told me to. But catch me on a bad day...

Embellished Tunic - F21, Leggings - Aritzia, OTKs - Guess(2008)

With my type A personality, I like order in my life so I tend to stick to what I already do or know. But maybe, in doing so, I've missed out. Maybe not on the drooly stick. But I kinda dig this trying new stuff. Is it weird that I'll take dinner suggestions from a calendar rather than just have S tell me what he'd like to eat? 
I suppose it helps that the calendar won't make a sad face if I say "no".
xo Ela
Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Hmmm...well if a calendar said to do it, then i guess it would be ok then :)- Lol

    On the weight issue...i get that everytime i go back home. They think i've lost even more weight. And well..."C" is my option and gets them to stop immediately. Hahaha

  2. No, it's not weird. :) Sometimes we want to be challenged in non-familiar ways, and I think (if your man is like mine) his suggestions might be as predictable as my own, so the calendar is a nice compromise. Anyway, love the tunic! Cute post, as always, Ela.


  3. I need a recipe calendar like that, we keep making the same things over and over again.

    I personally like option C when it comes to the weight issue. F 'em.

    Have a good week!

  4. Hahaha! Ela, I love those options... I may do those on a bad day.

    I love your dress, the details are so fab. xoxo

    Happy Monday!

  5. that calendar would solve so many of my problems right you know, i have a hard time figuring out what to cook.

    and pointing out the receding hairline of one who has pointed out any weight gain is completely acceptable--particularly if followed by a punch in the neck.

  6. PS... I want to see some snow really. Hahaha! But I'm going home back to the tropics in a few days.

  7. Love the tunic! you look prettyyyyyy

  8. hahaaha! i'm the biggest germophobe as well... i think if a kid did that to me, i would just distract him by tickling him or something. hahaha!

  9. I think that is a fabulous idea. The hubs and I had a heart to heart this weekend and I promised that I was going to try to be more wifey and cook more. My idea, not his, but he was awfully psyched about it! ah ha ha

  10. Imagine when my niece tries to give me her half eaten oreo cookies. : )

  11. I need this calendar... ASAP. :) Have a wonderful week, darling!!!

  12. Darling Ela, you are so funny!
    Love your look ~ fabulous tunic!


  13. LOL!! Ela!! you are so funny!! WOW!! these are all very hmmmm interesting options!! ;) You look super cute!!

  14. i need a recipe calendar!!! brilliant!

    and i think you should ALWAYS go with options b or c. the rude ones. it would be so satisfying and so entertaining!!! ;)

  15. you crack me up, ela, and then you make me smile.

    i probably could use a calendar to tell me what to do in most situations so i can avoid those footinmymouth moments i'm always having.

    but then i wouldn't be as funny as i am.

  16. I tailgate and flick my high beams when the person ifnront of me is going slow, then when I get a chance to pass them I give them the finger. Is that too much? I don't think so. They're wasting my time, and time is money, and money buys nice things which makes me happy!!

    and haha I could use a calendar to tell me what to do, like universal reactions you should give without offensing people in awkard situations. Hmm there's a business idea...

  17. Glad you found a calendar that works so well for you, that sounds like a good idea to me! Oh my gosh I can't believe your fam said that, you do not look like you have gained weight at all you beautiful girl! ;) Oh and I can't stand slow drivers, I wish I too had those options. Hope your weekend went well!

  18. Nice outfit! I love the recipe/calendar, it is so important to switch it up in the kitchen. I always end up making the same boring thing for dinner every night! I gotta get some recipes ;)

  19. I HATE the weight once obese father criticizes me every time I eat pasta and I've had it up to HERE with his ridiculously ironic comments....I swear, one day....I'm gonna give him choice A, B AND C!

  20. Hi Ela!

    How've you been lady? Looking good my friend, I love that top on you. Flatters your figure so well!

    Happy Monday :D


  21. You crack me up! And I love that wonderful tunic you're rocking!

  22. I think it is a great idea. You must feel very inspired every day. You should look at it the day before to make sure you have the ingredients. ;) I love trying new stuff, specially if it is food.

    B* a la Moda

  23. i want a calender that tells me what to make for dinner each night! but it has to be organized so i only do 1-2 food shops a week, so i'll need a shopping list and i hate wasting food so if i buy 3 tomatoes for the week, all those 3 tomatoes better be used up in a few recepies...

    god, how anal. no wonder i dont cook.

  24. hi hun! lovely outfit!!! nice blog girl!


  25. Oooh, the recipe calendar is a great idea! I love to cook, but I hate having to browse through recipes... it can get so tedious.

    Of course the other calendar sounds quite handy as well... man, is it bad if I would choose C for the first two situations? ;-)

    Great outfit by the way.... love that top! Hope you had a fantastic weekend :)

  26. That calendar would solve tons of issues!

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  28. I so need this calendar too!!!

  29. I love this post. No matter how stressful my day has been, or how boring, your blog always makes me smile or laugh (usually both).

    I like your calandar idea. I find it alarming that some of the options I liked the best were not really appropriate...oh well. Hahaha.

    I hate shirts that make me look preggo too. I look so young that people always give me dirty looks like they think I'm some teenage mom or something. Sigh.

    PS. I gave you an award on my blog! You truly deserve it. xoxo

  30. PPS. You look gorgeous in that photo! I adore that shirt! :)

  31. this is some funny material, my girl!

    yes, follow the calender! listen to it. do it.



  32. hmmm...i don't know which option i would go with.
    i am interested in this calendar although i don't know how well i would follow it ;)
    cute picture hun!! you look adorable, as always!!

  33. haha this is such a cute post! i kinda want that calendar... I love the "c)Tell them their hairlines have receded since the last family BBQ." I kid w/ my uncle about that, hehe :)

  34. I'm a straight C student here.

  35. recipe calendar...what an awesome idea!! i love your outfit!


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