Friday, February 5, 2010

Face It...

When I was little my mom always told me I'd be tall. Now, I'm taller. Than a hobbit. And toddlers. But that's about it. I had dreams of being a dentist. Surprised? I have an obsession with people having nice clean teeth. Now I find myself getting lazy about flossing once twice a day. It's time I face it, I will never be a tall dentist life knows what I need more than I do.
That said, I've also recently had to face that I:
  • No longer, and doubt I will ever, have anything close to a six-pack again.
  • The more I hit the gym, the more junk I need want to eat.
  • Always seem to have the car on empty on the coldest of days.
  • It will always rain or snow. The day after we get a carwash.
  • Cannot sing. Even if SingStar tells me that I can. But at least I have fun trying.
    Speaking of *faces*, a few weeks ago the gorgeous Clare asked if I would do a makeup post. "Sure," I said, "I'd love to!" Silly, silly me. Um, taking pictures with your eyes closed...a little harder than I thought. Never mind that I had no idea how to put this post together. Clare, here goes...

    I start with moisturizer and M.A.C Studio Fix in C4, applied with a kabuki brush. 
    I prefer it to a sponge.

    Isn't math fun?
    My brows aren't thin, the hair is just very fine so I fill them in with 
    an angle brush and Brun eyeshadow.

    Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion is seriously the best thing ever. Gives oomph to colours and great longevity - eye shadow lasts all day without creasing.

    With the M.A.C. 224 brush, I apply Shroom from below my brow to my lash line, 
    well into the inner corners of my eyes.

    I apply Yogurt to my eyelids.

    I apply GO the outer crease towards the middle of my eyelids, 
    then use the 219 brush to line my lower lashes.

    Apply Glamour Check! with the 219 brush to the outer corner of my eyes in a small V and take a wet angled brush to draw the shadow on as a liner at my upper and lower lash lines.

    My super straight lashes get a boost from a curler followed by mascara. I've been a DiorShow girl but I'm loving Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara in Very Black.

    Making a fish face and brushing M.A.C. Highligthing Powder in Golden Nectar below the cheekbones.

    Smiling to apply the Gentle Mineralize Blush to just the apples of my cheeks.

    Line lips with Rimmel Eastend Snob, add Blistex to moisturize, M.A.C. lipstick in Chatterbox and M.A.C. Dazzleglass creme gloss in My Favourite Pink.

    That's it, got my face on!

    To finish this post off, I am so excited to announce the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway is the one and only...
    KS of While We're Waiting!!! I can't wait to see you in that dress!
    Once again, thank you Shabby Apple! And thank you to all who entered! Don't forget, you can still get 10% off at Shabby Apple, simply use the code ExtraDots10OFF till Feb 27th. The discount is valid for International readers as well!
    Happy weekend!
    xo Ela
    p.s. Anything you had to face recently?


    1. Ela!! you did such a great tutorial post!! I love MAC...and I use SHROOM shadow too, love it!! I'm sorry you are not as tall as you thought you might have been or a dentist....BUT you are totally awesome and perfect as you, GET TO FLOSSING ;)

    2. Chatterbox...Snob...hahaha i luv those names!!!
      You did a wonderful job on the make-up tutorial...and you look beautiful as always. Gonna have to try the shadow you use. So pretty :)

      Now as far as height short people know to make up for it with our words. Lol
      My parents did one of those growth charts with their heights put together and it said i would be 5'9. Lol...i'm still waiting on 6 inches.

    3. This is by far the best make-up tutorial post I've read. I love the way you presented the products side by side with the part of the face concerned.

      Why does it always rain after a carwash? It is a natural thing with me too. xoxo

    4. You look very pretty. Thanks for the tutorial. I have on of those mac shadows. I see you are a Mac "addict." When I was little I also though I would be a teacher and I am not. What were we thinking... ;))

      B a la Moda

    5. Hey, tiny honey! Next time you think about being short, just remember that all the good things come in small sizes. ;)
      Your make up "tutorial" is the best one I've ever seen on the blog because you actually used the product and the stage next to each other - simply perfect. You should consider writing "Make Up for Dummies" book! :) I will certainly get a copy.
      Wishing you a great day, darling!

    6. No one's actually asked me to do one of these ever, but I always contemplate telling people about what I do on a daily, esp since my life revolves lately around lash serums and the maximum mascaras...

      I love this post. It's informative, and MAJOR CUTE.

      You can get a six pack if you run properly. Bend your knees, lower your center of gravity, land on the ball or middle portion of your foot instead of on your heel. This engages your core. You will find that after a few months of running this way, your abs will start to build up. I've only been running again consistently for a month, and I find my 4 pack coming back into definition.

      And yes, the more you work out the hungrier you get, but you need to balance your appetite out with things that won't defeat the good things you've done in your work out! :) It's a hard lesson to learn. Esp for me. I LOVE COOKIES! But the healthier I got, the more my body rejected bad foods. Like, if I eat a McDonald's Filet o' Fish, I feel like yakking about fifteen minutes after I finish. OIYE!

      I agree and appreciate Little Rus' comment up there. It's true!

    7. Love this post! It's so interesting to see how people apply their makeup and what they use. Everyone seems to have a slightly different technique.

      I really need to start splurging for nicer brands of makeup like MAC, the drugstore stuff just isn't cutting it anymore. I have a few makeup brushes but I also need to invest in some quality one. Sigh. Why can't I just win the lottery already??

      Have a great weekend lovie.

    8. Aww I love the way you presented the makeup tutorial! It seems easy peasy that way!!

      Really love the pink lippie too, you look so sweet:)


    9. i LOVE MAC! great tutorial...i'll have to try the eyeshadow you use for your brows. i had one by revlon for the longest and it finally ran out. the new one i bought is way too light. i wish i didn't have to do it at all, but when i was 17 (and an idiot) i plucked my tails out. yeah, they never grew back. awesome.

    10. I love your eyeshadow routine- it's so pretty!

      I totally agree with the "Always seem to have the car on empty on the coldest of days."....always happens to me too!

      And, that primer is the best thing. EVER! My mom and I swear by it.

      Enjoy your weekend :)

    11. Fabulous makeup tutorial! You look so beautiful in the end. :)

    12. I love to see how and what other gals use for makeup. : )

    13. ELA!!! you need to do these make-up tutorials more often. your "eyes wide shut" pics are awesome and your make-up is GORGEOUS like YOU!!!

      i love MAC shadow and shroom is the bomb. i actually need to but more so thanks for the reminder.

      have a fabulous weekend darling! xoxo.

    14. I love this post, you have a beautiful talent for writing!
      Your make-up is lovely

    15. Oh I love this! Thanks for doing a post about it!

    16. well HELLO GORGEOUS!!!

      i need that eyeshadow primer! i don't want creases! i have tried many brands with VARYING success, so this one will be my next!

      hope you have a great weekend! :)

    17. I have that exact same primer and I LOVE it!

    18. I looooooove the lip color. Gorgeous! I gave up on my six pack many moons ago. I'd settle for no stretch marks at this point. Sadly that is not to be. But the dude was worth it!

    19. Great post, Ela! I agree that UDPP rocks. =D

    20. interesting makeup tutorial. nice colors combination, too. i really enjoy the way you write things. seems like so much fun!

    21. Hi.. it's me, the big winner... anyone want an autograph? Hee hee... I am still singing (in my dying frog, fingers on a chalkboard, squealing enough to break windows voice) outloud and dancing around and telling everyone I know I won. SOOOOOOO excited. Now, if only you lived closer so you could make my face look like yours in this post... hmmm... beautiful dress plus clown makeup (I'm still not great with this stuff) might not work. Happy weekend sweetie pie!

    22. Loving the lip color Ela!
      ...and must try that Urban Decay's Primer.
      This is the best Math lesson ever!
      Thank you teacher!!
      Fab weekend*

    23. ohh i need to invest in that urban decay eye shadow stuff, haha i've been needing something like that bad. and kuddos to you for doing that make up post, it was great! mine would have looked like a 3 year old threw it together:) hope you guys have a great weekend e, big hug to u!!

    24. well that looks easy. but am sure ill never gonna get it right. hihihi

    25. Ela-It looks amazing you look amazing. Can you come do my makeup pretty please?

    26. Great tutorial. I bet no tall dentist has ever done one quite like it.

    27. This was a great tutorial! I loved seeing your makeup routine! You always look so flawless!!

    28. Love the makeup tutorial :)
      So easily laid out to read, you have a skill with makeup, mines usually consists of mascara, eyeliner... done. I'm very lazy! I've had to face that I cannot buy all the clothes I want to, disappointing...

    29. A dentist, huh? Well, you'll be proud to know I don't have any cavaties and perfect teeth, though I'm really lazy when it comes to flossing. Oh, and I feel exactly the same with working out and eating even more junk! It's a vicious cycle I tell you... sigh...

      Love your make-up! I used to use MACs Studio Fix but it started looking dry on me so I switched to their other foundation. Do you have issues with it? I'll definitely have to try the Urban Decay product. I had it when eyeshadow starts creasing!

      Hope you're having a fab weekend so far :)

    30. WOW! Great tutorial!

      P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Gemmerson giveaway!♥

      Good luck!

    31. Okay, Ela, you have TRULY outdone yourself with this post. This is fantastic. Is it weird that I want to print this out and save it? It is perfect and so detailed.

      I love the way you do your cheeks with the bronzer AND the adorable pink blush! Gosh seriously, Ela, this is perfect! I love it. Oh and your eyeshadow, routine. I will be adopting that as well!

      okay, hair tutorial next... :) :)

    32. Great tutorial! I hope to give this a try. It looks simple enough. The only difficulty maybe is that I do not own any MAC make-up. I'm too cheap and don't spend more than $3 on makeup, ahihihi. I think it's about time I give MAC a try just to see the difference. =)

    33. great makeup post! i love learning from others since i'm so lazy with my makeup routine. im always trying to get to the gym to make my membership worth it!

    34. Lovely makeup tutorial! I have wondered about Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer (haven't worn eyeshadow in months) but considered it when I was! :) xo, mel

    35. I love the multiple products for the lip -- that's what I usually do is layer them, I just never thought about it that way!

    36. very very pretty! love the pink

    37. What a great post, your makeup is beautiful! Oh and yay for KS, love her win!!

    38. freakin awesome tutorial. come over and do my makeup for me? pweaaase?

    39. pretty lady!!!! i'm super short too. boo.

    40. Great would we survive without MAC eyeshadow?!??!?


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