Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It All Works Out Part II

Floral Pink
Floral Top - Winners, Skirt - Century 21, Belt - Gucci (vintage via ebay)
I got this unlabelled stretch satin skirt almost 2 years ago from Century 21 in NYC. When I spotted it amongst the ransacked racks, like white on rice I was all over the hot pink like a fiend. But once I held it in my hands - the camera is actually toning down the colour just a tad - I thought "heck no", which was quickly followed by "maybe, if I were a pink popsicle." And then I spotted the price tag. $6.99! Um, hello...I can barely buy 2 pairs of socks for that price. Plus it reminds me of a skirt my Barbie used to wear. Reasoning I have not used before. I promise. Funnily enough, when I pair it with distracting patterns, it seems to to work...or at least that's what I tell myself.

The fabulous Jennifer at I know...right? gave me this a little while ago. J, you already know I heart you :) Thank you for reading the nonesense that is my life. And for recognizing the ridiculousness of it all could no way be made up. Who could come up with this stuff?
Now passing to some open and honest ladies I adore at: B is for Brown, It's Unbeweavable, K. Law: Inspired, Life is Bananas, Live it, Love it and  I'm supposed to list 10 things about me.
Some of you may recall reading It All Works Out where I shared how different S and I can be. I thought I'd give you part II to serve as my honest things to share...I'm only sharing 5 but it's 10 facts in total about me and S...sneaky, I know but at least I'm being honest about it :) 

1. S takes a while to digest things. 

I digest and over analyze things the minute I hear or see them. 
Case in point: I tell S a story or say something mildly amusing or over the top hilarious. Crickets. 5 minutes later, he chuckles and says, “[Insert 1 of 20 nicknames here], you are too funny.” Me, I just ignore it because most of the time, I don’t remember what I said 5 minutes prior. And even if I did, well, I finished laughing…by myself…5 minutes ago.

2. Generally, S is always happy. It takes a lot to make him McGrumpy.


I get cranky and/or grumpy when I’m hungry, when I'm sleepy and when I'm PMSing. Don't I sound like fun?

3. S is LOUD. He speaks as though he has a built-in megaphone. My friends and I often ask him to speak with his “indoor voice”. Sadly, it doesn’t help. Cause apparently, he doesn't have one. And if he’s passionate about what he’s speaking on – boy, you are in for a treat. Your ears will be ringing for days. Trust.

I at times am barely audible. It’s not unusual for someone to ask me to repeat myself. Or maybe they just love to hear what I say...over and over again. What? I said maybe...

4. S is super friendly. He’ll make friends at the grocery store.
Growing up I often got called a “snob”. People had it all wrong. I’m shy but once I get to know you, all bets are off. Then you'll think of other names to call me. 

5. S is a morning person.

I am not.

Can you relate to any of this? Me or S...either way, I'll heart you :)
Hope you're all having a fabulous mid-week, new readers that includes you!
xx Ela
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  1. haha, I love reading your 5! It sounds like Raymond and I XD haha, well except for #3, I'm the loud one and he's quite. But other than that, it sounds just like us

    && omg, you look super sexy in that outfirt! ;D

  2. Opposites do attract each other!
    So true there's a difference between shy & snob...I get that all the time too, so I started to smile more & now I seem to look 'desperate' rather than friendly! bahhh...what to do?! Congrats on the award darling! xo*

  3. Nice Post. S is for Super cute!
    I like the skirt although I understand the color might be too bright. Anyway, I think you paired it right with a black printed top. Now pencil skirts are in and I thing you are going to wear this one a lot.

    B* a la Moda

  4. Hawtness! You do look like Barbie!

    O man, those 5 points. Exactly like me an The Boy! Except reverse number 2, The Boy sulks at the drop of a hat.

  5. I can totally relate to you!! My boyfriend and I have our differences too, but we get along despite the differences. I guess its all about tolerance and more importantly, love :)
    The pink skirt rocks!! You are one chic lady!

  6. you're wonderful :) the pink skirt totally works on you and i love it. lets see tehre are so many things josh and i have in common with you two. josh is always happy...seriously makes me feel so grumpy sometimes ;) i was often labeled as a snob in highschool also.. but im happy to say that once people got to know me they changed their opinion. it really was because i was soo incredibly shy and it was more comfortable for me to stick by my close freinds because i simply knew how to act around them! whew good to know ive come out of my shell a little bit. have a great day love :) sending you a huge hug!

  7. Bwaa ha ha ha! My brother-in-law Drue is totally the same way: lacking the indoor voice. We all end up asking him to use it and he never can. Car rides are particularly ear-damaging.

    Also, your thing about being considered a snob when you're really just shy: I totally relate. That is very much the same thing with me.

  8. Hahaha!! I loved your five honest facts. You and S sound like QUITE the pair. It's nice you how you two compliment each other. I truly think that being opposite about certain things (like what you mentioned) makes for a great relationship because you even each other out.
    Oooh and I love that pink skirt. It is very Barbie but in a good way. It looks great on you. I could not pull it off. I really like your hair in that pic too. :)

    PS. Still working on your e-mail...for the past two days. LOL!

  9. I'm very much like you, I'm super cranky when hungry or tired and I don't like talking to strangers. Kristian however makes friends wherever he goes and will talk to anyone.

  10. hey hey hey!

    thanks for the award...even though it's really a tag, you know it is...

    love the S vs. E comparison. i used to be with you on #4 but i've gotten better. i'm a lot friendlier now as i've gotten older BUT that doesn't mean i'm not picky with who i tak to because i am. they can call me a snob too, whatever, i don't mind.

    oh and your outfit reminds me of mad men for some reason. very retro.

  11. I love how different you and S are... and how you just love each more for it. And that pink skirt... AMAZING. Great buy... You should take a picture of your Barbie wearing the same skirt and sitting next to you in your matching outfits.. hee hee. Got your email... working on a response back. Sigh... you are so sweet. It meant so much to hear from you... hopefully today is not as tear-filled as yesterday :)

  12. You two are so different, yet it works. I love it!

    Great skirt babydoll. I love it! And I still want to put you in my back pocket.

  13. I am totally NOT a morning person, so I can relate to that! :)

  14. hi ela! i LOVE Century21!! I dont mind buying off-season clothes and shoes as long as they are well-made and deeply discounted. ;) i could spend half a day there without me noticing. hehe.

    you look very pretty here and the skirt does not look like it's $7!

  15. Ela, you look HOT! Love the pink skirt with the floral shirt. And hahaha to the "10 things about you" and S!!! ;) You ARE sneaky!!!

  16. That pink skirt looks amazing!! I always get cranky when I am hungry, I can't help it, I don't work on an empty stomach. And yay for morning people! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  17. you are pretty in pink. I used to visit Century 21 all the time in college. : ) Of course you are eligible for the giveaway. I have entered you already. : )

  18. My boy also analyzes things hours after! Unbelievable!

  19. I think your pink skirt is lovely :)

    Congratulations on your award, great S and E Comparisons! Always so funny!!

    Have a great day!

  20. 1. i am honored that you adore my blog. i adore yours and think you are amazing! thank you for my award. i will post it proudly!

    2. i love and am very envious of that skirt and how gorgeous you look in it.

    3. please please please do not ever think you are a bad friend bc you cannot read about my journey. once you do read, you will see how long it took me to get to this place.

    my hugs are headed your way right now!

  21. Your email was perfect... so right on every single level. Sigh... it's one of those things where I know the answers deep down in my heart, but I don't want to say them out loud and I am just not ready to accept them... but I know.
    You're the best- love you lots.
    And as if you didn't already know I think you're the cat's meow, I am leaving you a little bloggie award on my blog this afternoon. Just to remind you I heart you.

  22. S sounds like my Mom. She makes friends wherever she goes. In line at the store is one of her favs. Ah ha

  23. I love you too! So grateful to have met you. If you ever want to chat, feel free: Summer mentioned that the three of us seemingly are in the same position.... sending you hugs!

  24. Gorgeous look, darling!
    And I love your facts ~ so sweet how you and S complement one another!


  25. You look super foxy in that pink skirt. What a great find! I haven't been to Century 21 in forever. It reminds me... I should go take a look. :) As for grey skirts-- I don't know if you would be interested in cheaper alternative grey tulle-- but I saw one for a low low price on Urban Outfitters!

  26. love your outfit!!! and century 21 in the usa is a real estate company best known (by me, at least) for their horrid blazers. clearly century 21 is something else in canada!

  27. Hi lovebug! Looking gorgeous as usual!!!!

    I love how you say "trust" BWHAHAHA! SO CUTE! I can hear you saying it...I mean, even though I haven't heard you...ya know what I mean?!

    Love you are things?

    And thank you thank you!!!

  28. Aww you look so pretty! I love the outfit! It's something I'd love to wear but I just don't think I could pull it off hehe… PRETTY

  29. I totally love that outfit and congratulations on the learning more about you!

  30. Loving that pink skirt on your girl! And I am SO NOT morning person. It is actually really bad, I am like a little ball of grumpy. Not cute. Oh and as usual your posts literally make me laugh out loud. Lol, I tried to read one of posts at work once and my co workers were like what's so funny?? So I had to read the post aloud. They all laughed too!

    OMG we HAVE to get together if you're in the city again! That would literally make my life!

  31. That belt is awesome! Great find! And that skirt is wonderful!

  32. So funny Ela!! I tell you, you really need that disclaimer or else I'm sending you a receipt reimbursement for my Pepto Bismol!!

    Wait so "S takes a while to digest things." -- he EATS objects?!?! Hahaha... I guess I take a while to digest things too!

    I'm not a morning person either. I am unable to function well before 9AM!

    Oh and the pink skirt, lovely! The outfit, lovely! And the pose, lovely! ...all coz loveliness come in threes!

  33. PS -
    I can't seem to imagine you being the quiet type! Your mind seems so loud and continously cranking with all these hilarious ideas!!

  34. I totally digest VERY very quickly. I should stop and let things simmer before I jump to respond!

  35. i love this outfit! the pink skirt is fab.

    i get grumpy quite easily too. Whenever I say "I'm hungry" J says "uh oh" and gives me a scared look. lol!

  36. OMG, I am dying. I read #1 and thought, hmm, TMI? And then I kept reading and realized you meant something entirely different. Ahahaha!

    You look gorg here. Love the pink (my favorite color, although I rarely wear it). Total Asian Barbie. In the best way! :)

  37. Your posts always make me laugh :) I love how you paired a more printed top with a plain skirt. You look awesome!

    The show benefited a great cause but boy, the volunteering was lame. It was just me being a work horse. And we're Asian! I can't carry things! :p

    And I'm so a morning person!


  38. This is so hilarious! lol! Hubby is usually the one digesting my jokes slowly because he doesn't understand my Spanish most of the time.

    We both speak softly and slowly.I'm the friendly one he's the shy and reserved type and hubby definitely is the morning person.No matter how late he sleeps, he still wakes up early and have his breakfast ahead of me while I'm still in dreamlalaland.

    Love the pink skirt and the dark printed top. ;)

  39. ohmigod, i want that skirt! don't think stretch satin would look as good on me as it does you, it MUST be worn more often! and with that fierce hair- loving the flicks!

    i think I am you and my boyfriend is S. seriously. it felt like you were writing about us!!!

  40. You look oh! so fabuolous with that outfit.

  41. I love the silky pink skirt. It looks very nice.

  42. Hello Barbie girl! :) Hope you are having a great week. Loved this post because I just adore the way you write and because every time I read your posts I learn that we have something in common. :) I am also very quiet. My husband always warned be that this could be a real problem if I want to speak to somebody on the phone. :)
    I don't do mornings. Well, I have to, but I don't like to. 9 am is my perfect morning time, not 6... or even 7...
    I also don't make friends straight away. Things need to build up for me.

    P.S. I loved that story about the little girl in a shop. :)))


  43. cute skirt! it's good to have a couple of staple "girlie" articles of clothing, and this fits right in. plus pencil skirts are super hot right now.

    also, i feel ya on being misconstrued of being a "snob". i'm super shy around new people and am more focused on remembering faces than i am on being my usual goofy self. great post!

  44. I didn't see the pink Popsicle but I did see you looking like you just came out of a the set of Mad Men! Very chic and classy!

  45. Love this! sexy yet appropriate for work :)

  46. cool what you've done with the tag, ela!

    And Boyfriend is loud as well, and I'm more like you. People always ask me to repeat things... I'm already trying to speak louder, but it feels like I'm screaming!


  47. you look so business chic!!! cute!

  48. loving the color of your skirt.. so damn much.. :)


  49. Oh, I LOVE your outfit! That shiny pink skirt is so divine, and a good floral top is always a winner :D

  50. Awwwww, thanks, lady. Have I told you lately that I love your face???


  51. Your husband's social predilection/skills seem very similar to me.

    Your quick process/analysis/judgment of a situation is similar to me.

    Your quietude is similar to my husband.

    Our grouch-triggers are all the same.

    Aw, look at us. What a fine pair we make! (You and I.)

  52. Oh how rude my comment box just disappeared. As I was saying - my Big Kiddo is much like your S. He is slow. Check. He is also rarely grumpy. Check check. What would we do without our men?! Love your outfit, especially the pink! Hope you are doing well Ela!


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