Monday, October 26, 2009

Going Grey

My mom always told me I was "an old lady, stuck in a little girl's body". I grew up being around mostly adults. Being labelled the "favourite" grandchild, of my maternal grandparents, didn't exactly win me points with the cousins. So I hung out with all the grown-ups. My favourite word as a 3 year old was "actually" and I used it in almost every sentence, as I would tell it like it is. 
Going Grey2
 Dress/Skirt - Winners, Boys Jacket - Thrifted, Boots - Feet First
Going Grey3  
Silver Necklace - F21, Faux Pearls - Thrifted, 
Vintage Bracelet and Versace Belt - via ebay
Going Grey1 
Growing up, a part of me always felt older than I actually was. But now, somehow as the years pass, a part of me still feels like I'm 25. Maybe it's denial, maybe it's because I've pretty much looked the same since I was 19. Actually, back then I think I looked older than I do now. Yes my loves, makeup was my best friend.
But I know that age is catching up to me when this happens:

1. I realize a $1000 handbag is completely out of the question for me but that a $5000 couch is money well spent. "Have a seat...on my purse" just doesn't seem to fly.

2. S and I avoid movie theatres when we know it'll be rampant with teenagers.

3. When ballet used to let me extend my leg straight up in the air and now bending to get my shoes on feels like I may just pull a muscle.
4. I can't tell you when the last time I was on a roller coaster or even stepped into an amusement park, BUT I can tell you about my last visit to my physiotherapist or when I had to wear a tensor band after I got struck with inflammatory arthritis. Not even lying.

5. When teenagers at Church, think it's "so cool" that I know how to text, being "so old and all".

6. When as much as I enjoy fast-food, my body seems unsatisfied unless it's had a "real" meal.
7. When the cheese plate on the dessert menu sounds just as good as the chocolate ganache torte.
And sometimes, tastes even better. Cheese better than chocolate? Sometimes, yes.

8. I won't even try on something if it looks too complicated to put on. And sadly at this point - that includes a lot.
9. Sleeping in is waking up around 8:30am. A late night is anything past 11:00pm. When I was younger, I'm pretty sure it was closer to other way around.

10. When my body is now looking for fruits and veggies. I can feel it in my bones. But somehow the 25 year old in me wins...and tells the old lady to "shut up". Then I eat some Gummi Bears.

When did this happen? And where was I as the years flew by?
All those years I couldn't wait to get "old"...funny, now I'm not so sure.
Anything making you feel old these days?
xx Ela
p.s. I'll be away from the computer today but I'll catch up with you lovelies Monday evening :)


  1. Don't quite agree with number 1 yet (not that I can afford either!) but the sleeping in point I more than identify with! I can't even have two late nights in a row.

  2. Oh Ela, you definitely don't look older than 25:) I'm turning 29 this year but I'm still a silly little girl at heart, must be some kind of disease! But sometimes when I think of how close I am to 30, then I feel so old and feel my biological clock ticking so fast, I get scared!

  3. love that dress!! age is just a number you know. i am 25 forever! hehe

    i avoid ANYWHERE that is likely to be full of teenagers. the mall on a saturday. ewww.

  4. ps. i honestly cannot think of many things better than a cheese plate. maybe a HUGE cheese plate. one that's free.

  5. the number doesn't matter, its how young you feel at heart, right? :) but what makes me feel old? when most of my friends are walking down the aisle or getting engaged!

    love the dress/skirt btw, its absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Ur thrifted jacket is divine! :-) By the way I love all of outfit...


  7. Love the dress! I don't think you look old at all, but I do know what you mean... what makes me feel incredibly old is when I see bloggers out there who were born in 1994. I mean, I remember that year. It boggles my mind there are people not old enough to have been alive when Kurt Cobain killed himself or to have witnessed an era when Madonna actually made good music. And I think I pretty much went stoneage the day I realized I didn't really enjoy partying in clubs anymore and preferred to stay home with a hot cup of tea and watch TV. Although hey, at least I'm watching Gossip Girl ;-)

  8. I completely agree! I feel the same way often, especially with the late nights. It boggles my mind to wake up and wonder how I got this old.

  9. First of all I want to move into your closet. Cool?

    I totally feel old now that I'm about 6 months out from the dreaded 3-OH! I can really tell when I listen to music and think "wow these lyrics are really inappropriate for teenagers to listen to" or just when I go to the mall and see all the teenagers there. Oh and it's RARE for me to be up past 11pm even on the weekends. I'm lame :(

  10. Oh Ela, even with all these things, there is no way you can ever be considered OLD. :)
    In fact, I can relate to a lot of these, so perhaps I am the old one. Hehe!
    I avoid complicated clothes too, but that's just b/c I'm lazy. And since moving out on my own, I have realized that a $5,000 couch is definitely a better investment than a purse. With the sleep thing, I envy you, because getting a lot of sleep is incredibly healthy and is probably the reason your skin is flawless and beautiful.
    Oh, and that outfit you are wearing is absolutely GORGEOUS. I love that dress, it looks great on you and matches perfectly with the blazer. Beautiful!
    I hope you have a great Monday!

  11. oh lady...i am with you. i'm so OLD!!! and i hate it. i look at my hands and i literally want to cry.

    however i still would spend a thousand on a pair of shoes. haha...hey no kids! can't be mad.

  12. Age is just a number. Just live each day and enjoy life. I am way too much older than you but I don't feel old.

    Love that gray ensemble.

  13. :))))))))))))))))))
    Wow, my smile was getting bigger and bigger as I was reading your post, sweetie!!! :)))))))
    First, I ALSO compare everything to a price of a handbag! I thought I was the only one like this... I compare furniture, travel expences, even certain food (treats, usually) to handbags... I also think that I'd die if I bought a £1000 handbag (still there are a few I really really really want, but cannot allow myself such an insanity), but somehow my blood pressure is fine if this money is spent on a house make-over.
    S and I also avoid cinema BECAUSE THERE WILL BE TOO MANY KIDS! :)))
    I also like my real meals I cannot understand how it was possible for me not to feel hungry all day after a cup of coffee with nothing in the morning... Wouldn't do it again, obviously...
    As for arthritis etc. Must admit, I couldn't exercise for the last month due to knee pain... :( caused by exercise... Now I feel SO OLD every time I need to sit/squat...
    I am exactly the same when it comes to clothes...
    And... last weekend we had a dinner with friends (our place, I cooked...) We got together at 7PM, they left just after midnight. After they were gone I asked S if it would be ok to have dinners at 6, not 7... "Why?" he asked. "Well, - I said, "this way they'll leave earlier and I can go to bed around 11"... :))))) Sad, isn't it? Still, the dinner was lovely. Made wild mushroom risotto and two types of caramel covered profiteroles filled with chantilly cream and ganache. :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend! I adore your outfit, especially, the dress.


  14. hah I won't try soomething if it's complicated to put on either. Or if it needs a lot of care/dry clean other than dresses. I like to just throw everything in the wash without worrying! And I agree about the $1000 purse LOL, maybe $999 + tax it's ok ;)

    btw I tagged you!

  15. *Giggles* You're a lovely young old lady! I love the grey. I'm going to keep that quote of yours in my head so if I ever consider buying a 5k sofa, I'll hit the handbag instead. So much more sensible! I'm always supressing my oldness too xoxo

  16. you look beautiful here, great outfit!

  17. OMG you look so gorgeous here chica!!! I love this look so much, and you pulled it off effortlessly :) Now you make me want to shop in the boys department ;)


  18. Seeing my bro in his senior year of college is making me feel old... where does the time go??!

    Totally agree with #s 3 & 8.

    OK, love this dress... what is this Winners brand!? And can I find it in the US? I've seen many a Winners items on you and I love :)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!

  19. I hope your career is simply looking amazing every day... because if it is, I think you're pretty much the top executive CEO in the whole world. My boney little jaw drops every time I check out one of your outfits... and then I get sad, as I am ALWAYS in jeans (that don't fit well) and a sweatshirt. Ahhh, yes. Perhaps this is why I am an almost 30 year old unmarried person.
    Anywho- I feel old all the time. I have ever since I was younger. I was a complete odd ball, and never got into the drinking/bar scene in college. I always preferred being at home, with a book, or scrap booking, or hanging out with friends playing board games. I have always been a planner, which causes me to be somewhat cautious and overly responsible, which equates to boring, fuddy-dud, lame, etc. Every now and then it bothers me, that I'm a 90 year old stuck in an almost 30 year old's body, but I try to see the positives in it too. I'm often more compassionate than others my age, and I tend to have insight and wisdom that others don't... so it's not all bad ;)

  20. Hello, Ela!

    25 is definitely too young to think about getting old. When I was 25, I was so busy with my career and wasn't even thinking about what I ate or my future.Ten years later, I still eat pretty much what I want but in moderation.;) Climbing the stairs though makes me gasp for air every 3 minutes.

    Love your grey printed dress and the faux pearls are divine. :)

    Have a nice day tomorrow!

    PS: I'd go for the hand bag anytime. ;)

  21. I seriously have NO clue where my twenties went! LOVE the pearls. And it's certainly not a bad thing to look the same as you did at 19!

  22. You. Are. Amazing.
    I love your outfit! And your fashion is inspiring, really. Thanks for being my blog friend :)

  23. first of all, I adore your outfit!

    I was the same way...always among adults!

  24. and yet again, you look lovely, heart the dress.

    I agree.. with all points, and I'm turning 26 in januari. I feel old, because all of the points you've written above. Except for the $1000 bag (as I bought the mahina and 2.55 both this year..) ... sorry... BUT I'm still looking for a house, so that's my excuse...

    But I also feel sort of young, as I've looked the same for years.. but I think that has something to do with the asian ppl age slowly thing.

    Do they really find you cool, because you can text?! hahahha.... that's kinda weird, as even old grannies know how to send text mssgs these days!

    Have a great week ahead!

  25. you look fabulous!
    this was such a fun post!
    i can totally relate to so much of what you posted and i am 25 ;)
    have a great week hun!! :)

  26. I LOVELOVE that outfit. Gray is such a great color for fall!

  27. I love all the gray and the print of the dress is so pretty!

  28. haha, i know what you mean... although i'm just 22, people always said i was an "old soul" ;P

    "When teenagers at Church, think it's "so cool" that I know how to text, being "so old and all". hahaha! or is it that kids nowadays are just starting everything too young? like 6 year olds on facebook? really?

    totally with you on the movie theater thing... on opening nights you get all the teeny boppers hanging out there! =S

    and hmm... an example of feeling old? when i hear kids at church talking about "omg, so and so was avoiding me at school the other day and she totally told _____ that i was ugly. i'm gonna get _____ to come with me to confront her on monday" - really? cus there are bigger problems in life. hahaha!

    happy monday ela!

  29. Hahahaha, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!! And by the way, one thinks you're old here!

  30. Hey sweets! I've missed you also!

    How have you been? you def dont look old at all ha ha you look gorgeous I had to start by saying that. Great read as always. I love the whole outfit from the blazer to the boots and the dress and the pearls where such a great post to the ensemble.

    I will check back soon!!

    xoxo Nubia

  31. I love that 3rd pic a lot! I like your expression there, your smile is very natural and the skirt flirtingly sways away!

    I think #1 is not a measure of age but rather of maturity, haha! I guess I'm not there yet, =)

    Have a great week!


  32. hi sweetie, so good to have you back. i love grey for fall. you look simply fabulous. it is so funn, i have a similar versace belt. : )

  33. Adore your outfit and I just loved this post! Point 10 definitely applies to me! <3 x

  34. Great photos. You look amazing. I always liked spending time with adults. I would rather associate with them than the other kids my age.

  35. Oh no! You are totally not an old lady, you are just being practical. After all, isn't it pathetic when people try act younger than they are? It just makes me depressed when I see moms trying to "hang" :( Not that you are a "mom" by any means, Ela. But you get my drift haha. I think people should have fun, live life to fullest, but not be pathetic.

  36. this is one of your best outfits ever!

    and i totally relate to what you have written. i think i have many years on you, and i am becoming an old fogey. and, like you, i was considered mature as a kid. but you wouldn't know that from reading my blog. or maybe i am regressing in some ways, and becoming crotchety in others? ha. i am really not too worried about it. in some ways it is nice not to be too young and to fret about such silly things. :)

  37. reading ur post really transported me back to my primary school girl days! i remember as a young primary schooler, i adored my mum's very adult-like leather long wallet. my mum then told me that i'm a young girl and long wallets are for older pple. well she must have been wrong cos many years later, long wallets are such a fave must-have item amongst the young girls now!

    what makes me feel old:
    ~i used to sleep ard 4am in the morning & get up ard 7am still feeling refreshed. now i doze off as early as 10pm & sleeep thru till 10am!

    ~when i cry my heart out now and get this splitting headache after the huge cry. that never happened to me b4, but it's really evident nowadays!

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  39. i'm new here & i must say i totally loved this particular post of yours. i was just mentioning in my previous post abt how childish i still am at 24 and the mixed feelings i've got abt living life as a grown-up-matured-lady who is trying to do her best to be a caring GF and a possible thoughtful wife-2-be!

  40. I know exactly what you're talking about! I hate the fact that I still think I have a ballet dancers body and then I bend down to get something or kick my leg and it is not pretty!

    Absolutely love your outfit. I can't believe that blazer is thrifted. I love the heather-gray look of it.

  41. Welcome to my life. As a child i ALWAYS sat at the grown-up table...not kids :)- I conversated with the elders/adults better...naturally. {I still do} Lol
    Those my age at times i feel think i'm boring. I'd rather sit at home with my family playing Scrabble then going out to get a drink. Huh...yep...yep!!!
    Welcome back from the desert lady :) You look beautiful in grey.

  42. Ela! you look so beautiful here, i really like the grey ensamble! i just celebrated my 25th bday..though tomorrow is my actual bday..and i feel old. im at the oldest i've ever been! haha.

  43. If, after reading all this, I find out that you are ACTUALLY 10 years younger than I am, I will ACTUALLY give you a slap! :-P

  44. I love this outfit post Ela, so pretty! Ha ha, you look very young love, I hope I look just like you when I am a bit older. Don't feel old, you look very very young! XO!

  45. Hi there, just found your blog and I really like it! you are soo cute and I love that outfit you have on! and seriously age is just a number. It's how you feel inside that makes you older or not! ;)

  46. I realize that I am getting old when I feel tired trying on clothes in the shops. I used to enjoy it but not any more. Now I shop online. It just "protects" me from back pain!

  47. Gorgeous look, darling Ela!


    P.S. Love cheese and chocolate!

  48. ela... 25 is still very young! you make me feel old (im in my late 20s). but it's true... i don't like late nights anymore and my body can't shed the extra fat the way it used to. but i think i like getting older... well atleast for now. i love the experience it comes with! :)

    lovely outfit!

  49. Hello, thanks for the comment!
    Advice: we are the age we want, it just depends the way we live life. Enjoy yours the best you can! ^^

    ps: you look beautiful

    Link me, follow me

  50. Look how many cute outfits of yours I've missed! You are too adorable. I think I might be perpetually 25, too...okay, fine, maybe 27!

    Stop by for my little giveaway if you have a chance. XO!

  51. Oh, no problem!! :) About the boots I was joking but trying my luck at the same time! :P guess what.. I just got those boots on ebay! and they are new :) I'm sooo happy! Thanks for liking my pics! I like your blog and I'll keep looking at it.. kiss**

  52. super cute post. the outfit was darling! haha i think we all get to a point when we notice we're gettin older. you just go through phases in your life and you realize you cant do certain things anymore. i cant wear those tiny short skirts i use to wear in college anymore unless its like the beach or somethng! haha

  53. Lol. A lot of those are so familiar - like avoiding teenagers at places, and having a 'late' night and a 'sleep in'. Although I find sleep ins much easier in winter than in summer.

    And the thing about junk food not filling you up and wanting fruit and vege is very true for me now too. I'll still eat them all though :)

  54. grey looks amazing on you!! I love this outfit majorly!!

    I totally agree with you on so many points here!!

    cheese can be def better then chocolate some times!!

  55. Like..... WWWWOOOWWW!!! Amazing dress!

  56. Amazingly beautiful outfit! LOVE!


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