Wednesday, October 28, 2009

At Least We Know, He's Got Feet

Reading some comments from my last post, it seems that I gave some of you the impression that I was only 25....sorry, I want to clarify that I only *feel* 25. I'm actually in my 30's. I'm being vague not because I'm embarassed but because S prefers I don't divulge my age or my birthday. He lets me post a lot of things on here so I've got to respect his limits.
Also, I wanted to clarify that I love getting older - it's just some things that come with getting older that I'm not so crazy about. I worry more than I ever did(about anything and everything), I've had to become much more practical than I used to be, and my body can't withstand late nights or junkfood as well as it previously could - what I used to enjoy, now sometimes makes me feel sick. And arthritis is seriously not fun.

But at the same time, I love everything else that comes with getting older - the years of our marriage, our home, having a different relationship with my family than what I had as as teenager, seeing our friends welcome their 3rd or 4th child into their families, and so much more I didn't have 5 or 10 years ago. I apologize if I came off whiney, because as much as I may complain, I wouldn't change a thing or give up experiences that I've been priviledged to have. I'm enjoying this stage in my life and honestly look forward to the years's hoping they involve 4 children. Not all at once but yes, that's the family S and I hope to have one day.

Now that, that's all cleared up... 

Whenever I can't figure out what I want to wear, like today, I do all black, all grey or a black and grey combo.
I've been looking for a slouchy knit hat the last few weeks and couldn't find one in frigid cold Toronto - go figure I found one in 100F Tucson, Arizona.
Oh and I'm slightly obsessed with these boots so you'll probably see them again - a lot.

Leather Jacket - Zara, Cardi - Dex, Studded Boots - BCBG, Hat - F21

One of the gals I love, who happens to be super gorgeous, Sarah Hannah at Death Wears Diamond Jewellery recently gave me a Blog Lovin' award. Thanks, *bubblegum* :) If you haven't visited her blog yet, GO! She's an amazing writer and I simply adore her. With the award I *must* list 7 random facts:
1. I constantly have a knot in my upper back - just below my right shoulder. I'm always asking S to rub it out...sometimes he's great about it. Sometimes, I may as well squat, find a table edge and rub my back against it.
2. I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I just might - it's never too late.
3. I keep fortunes from fortune cookies - but only if they make me smile. Now when I say "keep them" I don't actually know where any of them are...
4. Seeing dirt in people's ears, makes me gag.
5. I wash my hair every other day because any more makes my hair super dry.
6. I can't stand seeing men wear light socks with black or brown shoes. Or black socks with runners. *Shudder*
7. S has recently decided to wear ear plugs. In the house. Like, all the time. Even when I'm talking. He says "it's more peaceful this way". 
I beg to differ...he now speaks like he's going deaf. Yes, LOUDER than before. And makes me repeat myself over and over and over...and calls me a "mime" when he still can't hear me. Come over for dinner and see for yourself. It takes needing therapy to a whole 'nother level.

Speaking of the stinker, here's his first "photo" he's letting me post. 
It's a start, right?
Taken at the airport. Needing hydration as we sat on the ground with our laptops.
Big Fiji - S's, Small Fiji - Mine, S' Shoes - BOSS
xx Ela

JUST ADDED: Some of you may know Nicole at My Teacups in Peony. Her family needs your prayers right now, please, please, please include them. Thank you.


  1. Laptops at the airport - true geeks (like us!)

    I really do hope you get the four children you want. You'd make a fantastic mum and you and S seem like absolute fun to be around so they will have lots of laughs.

  2. You will have the family you and S hope for :) 4 little ones running around WOOHOO fun times!!! good! agreed! lol :)

    you look fabulous!! and do S's feet!

  3. Those boots are amazing! Love them and your whole look!

    S has very clean shoes :)

  4. in 5 months time am gonna be 30. yey! i can't wait. I just hate being young. Cos people tend to boss you around when you're young.

    anyway, soon when am your age i want to be half as stylish as you are. just half and am good. hihihi.

    i love the boots you're wearing. chic!

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  5. i love the outfit. awesome boots! =)

  6. Simply gorgeous, dear! Adore the booties and the beanie looks perfectly slouchy on you:)

    Woo, 4 kids! That's how many I wanted to have to, but as time passed by, I've downsized the figure to 2 lol:)

  7. You look gorgeous, that's what it matters :)

    Link me, follow me

  8. Hello beautiful,

    I like it, how you like growing old. I have to say that you do not seem 25. You are a 30 looking like 20. That's great! I'm 28! :-) By the way I love your boots, remind me of Isabel Marant boots.


  9. My sweetcakes. You will get your 4 and plus more. I know this feeling well. I feel like I will be the old mom on the block. lol! You are never whiney, always lovely and very special to me.


  10. You are simply adorable!!! Look at that...your shoes are even gray the day you were at the airport :)-
    Gray & Black and the MUST go-to colors i also choose when in doubt of what to wear. They are classic and elegant. Simple and to the point of the impression one hopes to give off. Wish i looked as cute in a hat.

  11. Those shoes are very very cool. I can see why you like them.

    And wow! A first picture of S. I feel like I'm watching history!

  12. You and S are going to have a whole bundle of babies very soon! I just know it! And, might I add, my back pocket is still available and waiting for you. You're too adorable.

  13. Lady you don't look a day over 25 and I refuse to believe you're in your 30's until I see proof! :)

    You will have lots of adorably fashionable little babies, I just know it!

    S has some very handsome feet! haha.

  14. I love this outfit! You look so cool. The leather jacket is really hot and I'm freaking out over those shoes. They are so fabulous!!

    I'm not surprised everyone thought you were 25. You look like it. I bet all your friends are jealous of that too. :P I have a friend Joyce, who looks really young and she is quite pretty (like you) and she is 42. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 20 years. But every time they meet new people, men always pull her husband aside and say stuff like "you lucky dog! Robbing the cradle! Does she think you have money?" and of course it flatters her (but kind of pisses him off b/c they're the same age). Haha! Does S ever get that reaction from people?

    Speaking of S, tell him thank you for letting us see his fabulous sneakers. Hehehe. ;)

  15. I'm with you on the getting older thing. What I also like about getting older is that I'm definitely way more confident than I was a few years ago. I'm not sure if it's because I know better, or just I don't really care anymore ;-)

    Love that look by the way! I'm such a fan of the gray/black combo and those booties are awesome! You should definitely try the piano by the way. I learned it as a kid and just picked it up again. Don't know if I'd have to patience to play it every day though.

    Oh and S. with his ear plugs... not normal. I'd understand if it was actually noisy, but wearing it around the house?? Weird.

  16. Love this outfit! You look amazing :) Great boots.

    Totally agree with #2- I've always wanted to play piano. Once I can afford lessons, that's something on my "things to do before I die" list, lol.

    News over here hmm...well, I got a job offer and then they took it back! It was absolutely INSANE- basically she wanted an answer w/in 24 hrs and that's just not enough time! I had barely gotten info from that was that. A bit disappointed but it clearly wasn't meant to be!

    Glad to see S on your blog- even if it is just his sneaks :) Happy hump day, Wednesday!

  17. you are so funny!!! and you look absolutely SMASHING!

    i die if i see ear wax in somebody's ear, particularly if they have short hair or are wearing their hair up! ick! check for that stuff before leaving the house! ick!!!

    have you ever cleaned your ears out with hydrogen peroxide? it is divine. absolutely divine. it bubbles in your ear, loosens up any goods, and then you can follow up with q-tips. if you need more instructions, i'm your girl.

    god how annoying am i? sorry for the long comment!

    and i LOVE this outfit!!!!

  18. Ela you don't look a day over 25. : ) BF won't let me take his pic for the blog as well. he is very private. oh did you receive your scarf yet. I just want to touchbase with you about it. if not, let me know so i can try to get some info. : ) have a great day my dear.

  19. I am so very intrigued by the mysterious S.... but he has nice feet (hee hee)! And I cannot wait for your 4 children to arrive... little Ela and S combos will just make the world a better place!! Ear dirt?? Oh my... ugh. This makes me sick too- use a Q-tip people!! It's not that hard!! And I also hate when people have unusually long ear and nose hairs- make friends with a scissors!! Sheesh!
    I hear you on every point about getting older- I really don't think I would go back, if I could... I enjoy the wisdom, and the perspective, and everything else that has come with my aging years... but I do miss being able to play softball without having to pack on the ice packs after the game, or sitting around without having to get up now and then to stretch my aching back.
    And S wearing ear plugs around the house... I die!! Bwhahahahaha ha ha ha ha ha... he makes me laugh!!

  20. You look BADASS! Sorry, I know you don't like that word but dude, srsly amazing!!!!

    I've missed you! And for the record you totes look 23! HA suck it, 30 whatever...

    I'm entering you in the giveaway, so deal with it, pretty lady. :)

  21. Love this post! Am so with you on #2!
    And the outfit is fantastic, especially those fierce shoes!

    Thanks for your congrats :)


  22. I love getting older too :-)

    Oo this might be my most favourite outfit of yours yet! I LOVE it! The boots the hair the beanie the jacket EVERYTHING. Love love love it!!!


  23. i don't know how you come up with 7 MORE FACTS!!! ahhh i've been tagged so many times that just thinking about it makes my head spin. do people really want to know that much about me? DO I want to know that much about me?! hahaha.

    sorry...anyway, you look GOOD! love your boots. hope your day is as fabulous as you look!

    btw i love the part about family relationships as you get older. they definitely change in a good way...well at least for me.

  24. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh leather jacket :P
    hahaha, I'm also looking for short boots, kinda like yours, but not per se with studs... THAT is also very very hard! haha...


  25. Hahaha, I know what you mean, that's exactly what I thought to. Unfortunately, "reasonable" to me means something a lot different to him. Men. I don't think they understand the need for glorious shoes! I love love your boots! They remind me of a pair that I have. So adorable. Hope you are having a great week too!

  26. you look amazing!!!!!!

    I totally understand...I started out not showing my face, boy have I revealed a lot about myself now!

  27. Hahaha! Well, you don't look like you're in your 30s as well. I don't divulge my age also for fear that I'll lose my young followers if they find out I can be their mom already.

  28. Hello, Ela!

    Must be the genes, that's why you look young.;) I'm with you on hoping to have a bundle of joy soon, 1 or 2 for me is enough. Four can be a handful.:)

    I'm 6 years your Ate and not! Stopped counting my real age when I turned 18.They say the best way to look young is too feel young. ;)

    Have a lovely week ahead!

    PS: S has got nice shoes.;)

  29.!! you look so CUTE!!! i want to steal your entire outfit!! you are so tiny and just adorable!!

    hope you are having a great week dollface!! XO!!

  30. You always make me laugh lady, seriously. First off, your lipstick is super pretty in contract to your cute grey and black outfit! Good job with the coordination! Second off, my BF likes to wear the dreaded ear things too, I feel your pain and crocheting is my way to vent too, lol! Third off, good job with the start of the picture of S! Now...if we could just get an arm or a leg!

  31. I know you will have the family you wish for Ela, I just know it! And this blog will b filled with photos of beautiful babies! II too wish I had learned to play the piano. I took vocal lessons for years and my voce teacher always tried to force the piano on me to help with vocal pitch. Being a grimey teenager, i refused. I wish I had learned now, though. But it is what it is i suppose

    Have a WONDERFUL day lovely!

  32. I love the quilted detail of that Zara jacket!! Too bad we don't have Zara here because I badly need a new leather jacket.

    I'm so amazed that you come up with the most interesting and funniest random list post after post!

    About #6, I used to (unofficially) date a guy before who wears black socks with white tennis shoes playing basketball! Eeeeks. Shallow, I know but eeeks!

    Have a great rest of the week!


  33. Haha! Just noticed you left me a comment at the same time I posted mine here! ;)

  34. Gorgeous outfit. You do look more like 25 than 30!

  35. Are you on Looklet? You remind of the models in Looklet.Ü Bloghopping from Sher's.

  36. You are pretty much gorgeous. Like, Vogue gorgeous. Have you ever modeled?

  37. Gorgeous outfit love! You look stunning! XO

  38. You have wonderful style and I love your writing.

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    Thanks! xo xo
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  39. ohmigod, i have a permanant knot in my back just below my right shoulder too!!!! creeeepy... sometimes it spreads to the middle but never all the way to the left shoulder... odd.

    those boots are HOT! actually, i love this entire outfit. you look amazing. and no way a day older than 23 :)


    ps. no, it's not silly to want to re-read SVH books... about 2 years ago i really got into re-reading them hehe

  40. Sweetie, first of all, you are so hardly in your 30s.... you made it sound as if you are way over the 35 hill. :))) Don't forget that some people here (saw her in a mirror this morning) are older than you. ;)
    You know it took me FOUR attempts to write a comment here... Last night I went to bed feeling an empty feeling of guilt because I didn't get a chance to leave you a message. :( Do I sound like an addict? Perhaps...
    I love your outfit so much. I love the hat and how it looks with your haircut! It's one of my favourite favourite favourite looks! When I had bob I'd wear my hat like this all the time (well, back then I was living in Russian and hat was a must anyway... with a bob hair cut or without... ) I am planning to start wearing a hat again this year...
    Also adore your jacket and booties very much.

    Glad to see, S got feet and likes good comfortable footwear, too. :)

    Have a nice day, sweetie!


  41. You look fantastic whether you're in your 20's or 30's. I'm almost 39. 40 is just around the corner.

  42. Black and grey is such a classically beautiful combo! I'm a sucker for grey anything really. : )

  43. You didn't sound whiney in your last post at all, Ela! And I must say that I really, really hope that in my 30s (not too far from now), I look as amazing as you do- sheesh, lady!!!
    Oh and I loooooove your boots- love your whole outfit! I do the same black/gray thing to, but not to as good effect. I love the layers and the hat- I'm totally swiping that from you ;)
    How do people get dirt in their ears? Do I have dirt in mine?! I'm going to check now...
    Happy almost weekend!!!

  44. You look great, the hat really suit you!

  45. Ela!
    It's been way too long! I miss you. And your outfit here is so adorable. You totally rocked it. Love love love the boots too my dear!


  46. You look amazing Ela!! I'm all for black and gray combos :) Loved reading those new 7 things about you!!!

  47. you definitely look 25 ... but i wont ask you age .. a lafy never divulges

    love those boots and the badass jacket.

  48. lovely boots in the photos! I agree that now I'm older I can't withstand late nights and junk food as much anymore haha. I'm pretty much done the night at around 1:30, sooo lame LOL. yeah I have a tendency to focus dirt in people's ears too for some odd reason.

    yeah bio oil SUCKS. i suppose it works for some and not for others. I read that it mainly works for people with fair and light skin. oh well, that s*it is way too oily for me to apply on my face everyday and not do anything anyways! hah!

  49. can i just ay that you look like a very young girl in that outfit?you're beautiful.oh, i will make sure to think of Nicole's family.

  50. I love love love your boots!! You look great. :)

    Love & Aloha,


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