Friday, October 9, 2009

A Chain Reaction

...that's how I can best describe getting dressed.

Other than on my wedding day and back in school when I had to wear a uniform (it's a Canadian thing) I've always woken up with the thought, "I'm hungry" "I dont know what to wear." 

On this day I remembered the skirt I bought last year or early this year(?) that I still hadn't worn outside of H&M's fitting room. Which led me to remember the chain link sweater I also never wear. Then I remembered something else I haven't worn in ages - the Tiffany bracelet my cousin bought me after we had an epic fight many years ago, which involved many tears. I got a chill just thinking about it. Which reminded me that it's now cold outside, so I wore tights. Not wanting to look *too dark* I wore my nude pumps, wanting to tie it all together, I put on the nude belt....
Chain Reaction
That's my process for picking out an outfit. One thing leads to another...I know it's all over the place - my thoughts usually are. I'm just glad I managed to stay focused enough to walk out fully clothed.
Chain Reaction2
 Cardi - Banana Republic, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Anne Klein, Pumps - Marc Jacobs

While we were out, S took a look. He smiled and said, "What a big belt for such a little person..." "All the better to beat you with", I said. Yeah...I didn't think that deserved a response either. "Thanks" just sounded silly. So, I just stuck out my tongue at him. Much better, no?

How do you pick out your outfit? Do you start bottom up - shoes first? Top first? Colour? With whatever's clean? I ask but I'm not sure advice will help, this haphazard dressing is innate I think.

I'm sorry this post doesn't have much substance or if I've been slow in getting to your blogs...please forgive me, I've got wedding head. My aunt's wedding is taking place next week and my mom and I have been given some assignments. I want to make sure that all gets done. But in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder when I'll get to give myself a decent mani/pedi for the wedding. No more time to schedule a haircut. Now trying to figure a way to put it up without having a stinking plastic "claw" in my head...I'm also trying to figure out all that needs to get done over here while I'm away. Never mind about the birthday cards/packages that should be at the post office but are instead taunting me in my hallway, or the phone calls and emails I haven't gotten back to, the house that needs to be cleaned, clothes waiting to be pressed - mocking me as I type and company coming over Friday night - when I've got nothing, zippo, zilch, edible in the fridge. Sigh. There's more but I won't bore you with the rest.

Happy weekend, loves! 
If you're Canadian, or if you just like turkey, Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 
xx Ela 
P.S. A lot of my friends, you know who you are, have been sick or down, or both, this week so I hope you enjoy an especially lovely weekend. You need it and deserve it! I may not say it, or send the emails I've been meaning to but you're on my mind. I'm sending you happy thoughts and feel better soon hugs :)

P.P.S. My lovely KS is having a super week and she's sharing the joy by having a Halloween Giveaway to end it off, head over now! Also, my fellow Canuck(I hate that word), the cutie at Pop Champagne is giving away some of her sweet GSP creations, head over there now!


  1. hmm i do the same thing you do.. i start with one piece.. usually for some reason something just pops to me, ill wake up thining about a shirt. then i think ok, what pants go with that shirt and it just goes on and on just like you said :) ps can you please, please be my personal stylist..seriously, you're adorable outfits never ever cease to amaze me ;) i need your sense of style!

  2. I love this outfit you put together. That sweater is really pretty. I think my outfit picking process is similar to yours...although lately I have spent more spare time fantasizing about different outfits to wear with stuff from my closet. Like, I'll be in a boring meeting at work and randomly think "oh, I haven't worn my purple sweater in a while" and then I'll mentally look around my closet and pick a skirt, scarf, and shoes to go with it. Haha!
    Anyway, good luck with all the wedding stuff! I hope you have time to get a mani/pedi before the wedding. You really deserve it after all your hard work. :)

  3. I love the belt and as usual, you and S are hilarious.

    I usually start with a WTF am I going to wear panic...and then hope for the best. Usually I have one thing I absolutely MUST WEAR or I might just perish and somehow I have to work it in, or I end up crying in my closet.

    Gosh dramatic huh.
    YESSSS all our bloggy friends are sicky! Boo.

    Have fun with the wedding..dont work too hard lover!!

  4. Well, chain reaction or not, today's outfit looks great on you!

    I don't have any great advice because I also pick out my outfits in a similar haphazard manner! I think that's what most people do anyway:)

  5. Hmmm...i usually pick my outfits out at night. Which consists of MANY many changes and clothes everywhere in a panic that it's getting late and i'll NEVER find anything suitable to wear. To the mirror again i go...what to wear???
    You though...look absolutely BEEEEE-U-TIFUL lady!
    Hahaha...beat him with ;) {He wishes} I too would go with the tongue...much more appropriate and brings out the kid in us.
    Don't stress about all the tasks that need to be done, you'll get to them...they WILL happen. Ya for the weekend. May yours be great.

  6. Same here. Love you too! And hope your weekend is beautiful! You're too stinkin cute!

  7. Happy Weekend! Love the outfit per usual!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. the chain effect has done you good woman! i tend to get hysterical if i can't figure out what to wear within the first 2 outfits i try on...and when that happens, it's stay away dave! ALL THE WAY!!! haha.

    hope you have a fabulous weekend my bella! i am finally NOT SICK! woOhoO! but i think dave might be...oops.

  9. I try always to think ahead at least one day my outfit at work and specially when going out. I adore your look, I have been looking for a sheer skirt and you have the perfect one!!!

  10. Love this belted look! You are so sweet and crack me up too (all the better to beat you with...).

    Hope to have lunch with you in Beantown next week- keep me posted! Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. That is totally the same way that I get dressed. I love it, because every morning is an adventure. I feel like I wake up and just tune into the morning and call whatever I can to mind and start from there.

    Well done by you this morning. Looks great together!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  12. Beautiful skirt, Ela!

    Happy Friday!

  13. lol that belt is not THAT big! I've seen a lot bigger belts on smaller people before! hahaha thanks for posting my giveaway, i'm not sure why some people can't comment on gs&p, cuz when I try to comment it works for me every time... ugh frustrating! yeah I agree Tila needs help... or whatever.. she needs. and yeah WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the brick its like they don't sell beds cuz they sure don't know how to assemble them!!

    have fun at your aunt's wedding and have a great thanksgiving!

  14. I love reading about the evolution of an outfit. It's like building blocks to a daily image.

    I think that generally is how it is. I can't see an outfit in its entirety in my head. I generally start out with a certain piece and end up with an outfit after I bring a single piece at a time.

    I think today I started with a striped dress shirt and immediately wanted something to clash with it, so I put on a b/w striped t shirt underneath and left it unbuttoned. Then I put on wide leg jeans because I knew it'd be cold out. Then since the jeans are too big, I needed a clashing belt, so I threw on a zebra belt. Then practical shoes: chuck taylors (it's raining today), and a pashmina... and a cloche, and it sort of was there.

    Sometimes I'm incredibly plain, and other days I have great 'fits I'm dying to share with people. Today not so much except for a study in clashing patterns...

    I think our processes are majorly similar.

  15. I adore you... "The first thing I think about in the morning is I'm hungry..." We are so long lost sisters. I always have food on the brain! Always!! Honestly, I can get done eating a meal (and I don't eat all that gracefully... after all, I'm HUNGRY!!) and immediately think, "What will I eat next" and "Wonder when I'll get to eat again." It's a small wonder I don't weigh 800 pounds!
    And holy runway hotness... that outfit is AAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAZZZZZING! And S's comment- hee hee. I love that instead of uttering your belt beating comment you just stuck out your tongue. Oh ha ha ha ha... you two are so awesome.
    Happy Thanksgiving... take one wedding task at a time, and try to rest up somehow, because you need to kick this sickness you've had.
    Happy weekend!!

  16. I do much the same thing with my outfits, or I plot it out while I am in the shower -ha! But it usually gets altered a bit in the mean time. ;) I know all of our bloggy friends are sad or sick, except for a few of us. Oh well, we are all here for each other! Hope you have a restful weekend as well Ela and that your relative's wedding goes well, just take one step at a time! XO!

  17. My closet is full of clothes and every single morning I say to my boyfriend: I have nothing to wear!

  18. Love this look, darling!
    Have a fab weekend!


  19. I wish I had that computer program Cher has in Clueless.

    I lay in bed mentally going over everything, until I think I have a complete outfit picked out. I'll try it on and usually feel weird in it and pick out something else entirely.

  20. I love it! ..I have similar thinking although lately because of the blog, I've been trying to get it all prepared at night ...not today though, luckily, it turned out okay ..but usually it makes me late!

    I love finding things I haven't worn yet thought and making them work.

  21. this outfit is PERFECT! and i might add that the belt is DIVINE on you! so there!!!!!

    you have a lot on your plate! i hope you have a nice thanksgiving and that you get some time to relax SOON!

  22. I love look so pretty!!! the belt is perfect, btw!

  23. Hi Ela,
    I hope everything will eventually come together and work out for you. Life gets really hard sometimes, but I know you can do it!!
    Ela, I think we have the exact same skirt from H&M. I love it, and I wear it to church or to dates. It goes really nice with t-shirt, or even with blouse : ) I love how you put it together! I hope you have a nice weekend!


  24. I start thinking of what I want to wear when I am trying to ignore the alarm clock. Usually I start at one piece and then dress around that.

    oh, and cute cardi!

  25. Well I pretty much always start with jeans... because I pretty much wear them every day... and then see which shirt and heels/flats go best! Usually I'm in a rush because I have to go pick out my son's outfit (WAY MORE FUN = better wardrobe). You look so cute!

  26. depends on what i'm doing! then ill start with one item i'd like to wear and pretty much do what you do. picking the one item usually is based on whats clean, whats new or what just came out of the dryer haha

    i have a blog award for you over at my site bubblegum!


  27. I love, love, love your outfit, Ela!!! It's inspiring me to dress more chicly. What I do when I try to figure out an outfit is to thick about comfort first- which is probably a faux-pas for a fashionista, but I always give in during the wee morning hours. Then, after I dress all comfy, I add some heels to the mix and people awesome that it's chic because I just want to make myself taller- tehehe ;)

    And please don't stress yourself with trying to respond to us! You sound so crazy busy, and we all know how that is- especially having a blog to top things off. I hope you are having a wonderful (and relaxing) weekend- so that you have plenty of time to give yourself a mani-pedi!
    xoxo, Lar

  28. tell me about it .. iwake up everyday withthis thought on what to wear . what to wear ...

    usually everytime i dig up old things i end up reminded on why i dont wear them anymore but love this shirt and the skirt.
    oh and LOL @ his "big belt " comment ..

  29. I have to admit, I am not very good with spontaneous dressing so I prep all my work week's clothes on the weekend. I don't come up with the most fab pairings just because I have more time to think about it. But if I wait til the morning, I'll end up getting late for work, miss breakfast, feel grumpy and the chain reaction goes, which is the reverse of yours!! =)

    This outfit is so lovely! It looks so put together! You should be proud of the by-product of your morning's chain reaction!

    Have fun at the wedding and can't wait for you to share pictures with us next weekend!!

    Oh and happy thanksgiving! =)

  30. I usually think about the weather beforehand and then plan out my outfit around it. Sometimes dressing starts with a top and downwards or vice-versa. I don't actually plan,hehe. I just dress on a whim.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  31. Hot chain prints ;) I would love to wear a top draped with real chains all around. That would be rad! Although must be heavy..... :)

  32. I love the belt and the skirt! And you got it from very affordable stores too which is great so anyone can afford it. Chic!

  33. This outfit is just gorgeous!! i ADORE the shoes.
    I usually start with my mood, then I do my hair and makeup and lingerie then I decide on clothing. which is usually followed by a random article of clothing (ie: a certain shirt, skirt, dress etc) then it all clicks! BTW i adore your previous outfit in the last post!


  34. Hey there. Great post. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Cheers!

  35. great outfit. The belt and shoes look great!

  36. Seems like you are a busy bee darling!
    love how you've paired this with unexpected shoe color...more interesting for sure!
    Have a lovely new week ahead Ela! ~SWEET*

  37. Outfit looks great! Whatever the formula.. you put it together really well.

  38. sometimes the best thing is to remember what has been forgotten in the closet! lovely job

  39. Love the outfit! And you! (or, well, your blog that is..)

  40. You look stunning dear! I love the outfit, that skirt and those pumps are lovely!

  41. Hey hon, hope you've been keeping well. I'm finally back and missed your blog! This was a fascinating read, because I honestly don't have a system for putting together an outfit. I usually check the weather for the next day then decide if there are shoes, dresses or other items I really feel like wearing, then base the rest of my outfit on that. Good luck with your assignments for your aunt's wedding!

  42. Hey sweets,

    I got your email, I'm glad you have the headband I hope your enjoying it. I really like your top also BTW

  43. I think you look great as usual, ela!
    I've also check your little online store, it's really nice!


  44. Your nude pumps are things of beauty... Nude shoes are very high on my 'I really want' list right now.
    I think of outfits starting from an unusual piece or from pieces I haven't worn yet. I think 'this .... has been hanging in my closet for too long, how will I wear it?'

  45. I think the color selection/sequence works really well for you. It just makes your whole appearance pop.


  46. Hey nice post written and your above two pics looks great.

    Paris Frivole Lingerie By Lise Charmel

  47. Right now I just wear whatever's clean and fits! Lol :)


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