Friday, October 30, 2009

Learn From Their Mistakes

I should've taken advantage of Summer's late sunsets. 
Nowadays it's dark before 6pm, which makes taking outdoor shots a rarity.
Boys Blazer - Thrifted, Ruffled Cotton Shirt - J. Crew, Booties - Fendi(via eBay)
I bought this layered R.J. Graziano necklace last year and wore it with a Rachel Pally Short Caftan dress to S's company Christmas party last year. Just found out they're holding this year's party at the end of next month. I'm thinking of semi-recycling my outfit...last year I wore the dress in Eggplant but I also bought the dress in Red, which has yet to be worn. So, I'm thinking the red dress with gold jewellery. I don't think anyone will notice. And even if they, don't really care. I just don't know about wearing red to a Holiday party, it seems so cliche. Oh well, got another 4 weeks to think about it.

One thing's for sure, I know I'll be doing my makeup in the car. I always do. It's a terrible habit but it's so efficient :) I only do it as a passenger of course. There are however, two things I will not do in a moving car. I suggest you don't do them either:
1. Put on mascara 
2. Use an eyelash curler

"Why not?" you ask.
1. One day, one of S's HS teachers didn't show up to class. The school later explained she had been in a car accident. Sort of. She was doing her mascara in the car...then poked herself in the eye. We never heard what became of her, we only know that she never returned to the School. I can only hope the injury was not permanent.
I know we love mascara, but please don't put your vision at jeopardy. If I need to put mascara on, I do it before I leave or once I get to my destination. I hope you'll do the same.

2. Also in HS, I was watching Fashion Television and a model being interviewed was so happy to have booked her first job after a 6 month hiatus. A little over 6 months prior, she was in the backseat of a moving car doing her makeup. She was curling her eyelashes, when BOOM! The car gets hit from behind. She lunged forward and in doing so, pulled out her eyelashes. I may not remember all the details but that part I remember - very CLEARLY. Eek! Can you imagine how much that hurt???
On top of the pain, no one wanted to hire her after that - I guess she couldn't get by on falsies. 
Just like you can't put extensions on a bald head.

So, if you're like me and you do your makeup in the car, please be careful.
Happy weekend!!!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!
xx Ela


  1. Another gorgeous outfit! And a very sensible post. I did have a little giggle though - hope that's not too mean :/ xx

  2. Hello gorgeousss!
    I don't do make up in the car...but pedicure!
    ...LOL-just kidding*
    ~Greetings from Paris darling & thank you so much for your kind & always funny words!
    ~BIG xo*

  3. HA! mascara application while driving SHOULD be illegal! i don't know how many i've tried it and GAHH got blackscare-ya all ova my face. talk about a complete FAIL.

    and curling the lashes...ow. i won't even dare it. i like to keep my lashes thank you veryvery much. lol.

    love the blazer and necklace. i say eff the cliche and rock the red. you'll look SMOKIN!

  4. I agree with Lenorenevermore, haha! :-)
    by the way the blue color is Ur color - I think...


  5. Oh, that's your habit of buying the same thing in different colours! :) I'd love to see that dress because you wouldn't buy two if it was just an ordinary thing.
    As for doing make-up in a car.... Have you seen the second Bridget Jones movie? Well, then a blusher would also have to be on a list of car make-up no-no's unless you've got plenty of light.

    Will keep it short today - got to go and finish my study assessment. :(

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!


  6. Love the boyfriend blazer and that necklace on you! Good call getting a dress in two colors... I always wish I'd do that as well and later on regret it.

    Those make-up stories are scary! The ony thing I've ever applied in a car is lip gloss. I don't think think I could apply eyeliner in a car either (I use liquid liner)... something tells me I'd scribble all over my face ;-)

    Oh, and good to hear S. is doing better. Poor guy... he must be going through a lot to be wearing earplugs around the house! My hubby only tends to do that on plane when he's surrounded by loud children ;-)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love that necklace!

    Have a fantastic Halloween :)

  8. Wow. You look amazing. That is a great ensemble. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  9. I can't believe you thrifted that blazer, Ela! It fits perfectly on you- and looks sooo chic! Cath and I are grappling with the light issue too. The other day we both met up at the apartment during our lunch break to take photos in the daylight.

    Oh and as for putting make-up in the car- I am so not that talented. I can't even put it on without a mirror about an inch away from my face (I'm very mirror-dependent) and I just can't get close enough to those visor mirrors.

    I hope you and S have a wonderful Halloween!!!

  10. Hahaha! Yes, applying mascara and curling your lashes can be a very dangerous thing to do in a moving car. I do put on my lip gloss in the car. It's a habit I think because I always end up dressing late and the hubby hates waiting for too long.

    Love the pale blue top,the necklace and your casual look. You look so refreshing by the way.

    Happy Halloween!

    PS: Wear red. Red always makes a woman hot looking.Forget the cliche. ;)

  11. I agree with the car makeup dont's. I tried putting mascara in a moving car once then the driver suddenly stepped on the brakes. Aftermath, I looked like a raccoon so I have to rush off to wash my face as soon as I reached my destination. Instead of saving time, I ended up spending more time getting the waterproof mascara off my face.

    I love your blazer and the whole outfit as well.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. cute outfit! i will send prayers up that you get your 2010 wish, too ; ) <3

  13. Doing your makeup in the car is difficult, I agree! You look lovely though and I love that blue shirt. I hope you have a great weekend Ela.

  14. it's scary whenever i see women driving and put on makeup. i am with you on the mascara part. i tried it once while bf was driving and a sudden stop.... need i say more.... I really like your outfit, it so stylish but you always look great.

  15. Very clean look. I have always thought how people manage to put their make up on the car. Specially the ones that so it while driving. I don´t like the idea since you are putting at risk other people lives... The stories that you told are scary...

    B* a la Moda

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  17. Ela- could you be more gorgeous?! Seriously love- stunning! This outfit is perfect for Fall- love the Boyfriend blazer too! XOXO

  18. love how professionally chic your outfit is! ;)

    i've done the whole mascara thing in a moving car and poked myself in the eye. it was horrible. i learned the hard way but at least i learned my lesson. haha

  19. hey gorgeous! you look amazing, and that cornflower blue is perfect on you!

    i don't put makeup on in the car. maybe lipgloss, but not the full shebang. but i do have another bad habit -- cutting split ends while in traffic. if i ever die of a sharp stab/scissor wound while in the car, it will be partially my fault!

  20. I never put makeup on in the car, even in the passengers seat! I had a friend though, who would do all her make up while driving... mascara, curling her lashes, gloss... everything, and she looked fab. every single time! nasty huh!


  21. yes...leave the eyes alone in the car! I saw a lady plucking her eyebrows on the freeway once...what a disaster waiting to happen!

    love your outfit and totally wear the one will notice!

  22. oh my what horror stories...ok, I don't usually put makeup in the car but after this I'm never ever going to! haha

    you look super chic girl!

  23. Lovely outfit - very laidback yet sharp :)

  24. Hi, I looove it, thanks for sharing! Come check the new posts, hope you enjoy it! ;)

    Following you via rss feed, follow me too :)

  25. mascara is one thing i will not do in the car either! no way!! scared i'll lose an eye ;)
    your outfit is adorable!! love the necklace! you are gorgeous babes!

  26. I love how the necklaces dress up this outfit. It's simple, yet so elegant and modern.

  27. Haha! Yeah, I poked myself in the eye with mascara while doing it in front of my dresser on stable ground... I'd hate to attempt it in a moving car!

    I reckon pulling out eyelashes wouldn't be as bad as accidently crimping your eyelids - that would hurt so bad.

    Stay away from the eyes while in a car I say.

  28. hahaahahah! i love the the eyelash curler story. Ouch!

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  29. I love your blazer and that necklace! Yikes, mascara and eyelash curler in the car just sound like an accident waiting to happen. I always see women putting their make up on when on the train, they must have seriously mastered the art, it seems to bump around everywhere! Hope you're having a fun Halloween :)

  30. Olá! thank you for your kind words ;) Have a nice weekend, yeah! And by the way, nice post yay! Come check Chanel and Japan fashion week, hope u enjoy it.


  31. Bee-yew-tiful :) Lovely blazer, and personally, I think you deserve major props for being able to put your make-up on in the car.. I just can't seem to manage it!

  32. I know how you feel! I miss long summer nights too.

    You look gorgeous! Thanks for your kind note on my guest post on DreamSequins!

    * Kelsey

  33. I adore the necklace!

    I just put up my costume pics!


  34. Oh you look so cute, I want that blazer! I have actually never tried to apply makeup in the car. But after hearing that bit about the model... I don't think I want to try! EEK!!

  35. Well, I don't have a car...even so I can't imagine doing my eye makeup in one. But now I would never be tempted!


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