Friday, October 16, 2009

Hello Goodbye....

You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello, hello
I don't know why you say goodbye
I say hello 

The Beatles are stuck in my head...and this song, well, it's me and Boston having a convo. S and I spent 4 nights there, but mostly, I spent my trip holed up in our hotel room, just me and my new BFF, I like to call "Klee". His last name's "Nex" btw. He's so fun, everytime we got together, we had a ball.
Just when I started to feel better, it was time to say goodbye to Boston.

Boston is such a pretty city, from what I gathered from dinners out with S, yes, that I managed to do - and even brushed my hair for. Next time, I'll be sure to take in the sights and take lots of photos. But I have some from the hotel, like from Wednesday's post, wanna see? 

Actually, first let me tell you a story. So, we walk in Sunday night and S is checking us in. The reso's under S' name but the lady working Front Desk looks directly at me and asks, "Have you been here before?"
"Um, no...." I manage to let out (just got my voice back).
So that's that, right? Um, not so much. So we get to the room and see lots of animal print...and I mean LOTS. Did I mention that I was wearing an animal print cardi? is that why she asked? Apparently taking a look at my outfit she was certain I dressed this way to match the carpet...and the rest of the decor. I've labelled the goodies for your viewing pleasure...

Did I mention we weren't in Vegas? OK, just checkin'...
And just so we're clear, that is not communal lingerie - or mine - the hotel places it in the closet with a tag advising that it's for sale at the front desk.

The tag below, was placed with the bathrobe...
Um yeah, if I'm going to spend $120 on a bathrobe, I'm pretty sure I don't want to look like a cougar. Anyhoots, I did wear it while I was in the room - it was all S's idea - to keep me warm. As for getting in touch with my *wild side* well, if drinking Tylenol, Dayquil, Vicks, grape juice (the unfermented wine), lots of water and living in my PJs for 22hrs a day is wild, well then, yeah, I went *wild*.

On Tuesday Night, I managed to get decent and met up with my first Bostonian friend Jaime from la vie...j'aime. We pigged out had a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and time flew as we chatted away. It was my first bloggie friend meet up and a few days prior, I was so nervous. I felt like I was going on a blind date, which I've never done, but I imagine that's what it would feel like. And I kept picturing her with a hat on(like her profile pic) even though I figured she probably wouldn't be wearing a hat, but still when she popped up from the bench to say hello I was stunned that the girl without a hat was Jaime.

She's such a cutie, and didn't even wince once the whole night as my laughter led to coughing fits. We're meeting up again next time I'm in town :) Thanks, Jaime, it was fun! We didn't remember to take a picture together but here's a pic of Jaime from her blog....
Just pretend I'm the lamp, but shorter and coughing. Oh and we have the same Tory Burch black patent flats...just thought I'd mention that.

Dress - Winners, Leather Jacket - Zara, Bag - Botkier, Boots - Lucky Brand, Scarf - F21 
This is me, our last night in Boston. Looks a lot like what I wore on Tuesday night (Wednesday's post). Yeah, I'm the girl you see on vacay that makes you say, "hey, wasn't she wearing that yesterday?" Not sure if you can tell that my nails are painted green. Fun, but not the ideal colour when you're under the weather...

So it's Friday and I'm back in Toronto. S is taking the day off to help me pack watch me like a hawk and keep me in check so I actually manage to get done all I need to before our trip to Arizona for my aunt's wedding. Which means, I probably won't log on to Blogger once today...or for the entire weekend, except maybe at the airport, if I pack my laptop...but I'll schedule some posts so come visit me :) I'll be spewing nonesense leaving you lovely comments on your blog soon as my world is right side up again!
Happy Weekend, you guys!
xx Ela 
p.s. The hotel we stayed at was lovely, I highly recommend it. I've just never seen so much animal print, outside the zoo, outside Vegas, at all once before. Now I can say, I have :)
p.p.s. My favourite banana is running hard this weekend but she's in a *funk* so she needs your cheers, so do your little kicks in the air(just stretch first and it can be done) and cheer loud (so she can hear you all the way in SF) and shimmy (cause it's fun) and let her know you'll be doing so till she reaches the finish line. Spanxalot.


  1. that's some print going on. WhAt...WHaT...that robe is ridiculously over-priced. I hope they put it on and catch your illness for such a price :)- Sorry you spent most of your time with Klee!!! Pray he disappears soon and doesn't return. Enjoy AZ lady...that's my hometown. Whoo-hoo!!!


    Yay for bloggy meet ups!! Jamie seems like a doll and the Cheesecake factory is yummmyyy!!!

    So glad you're feeling better! Have a great time at the wedding elly welly!! XO

  3. Hahah, Ela! Your posts always put me in the best mood- even when I'm crabby and can't go to sleep so I'm blogging in the wee hours ;)

    I can't believe that hotel! And you are right- Boston is kind of the last city I would think of when I see animal print. New England and animal print in general don't seem to go together.

    Oh! And did I mention how gorgeous you look? I don't look that good when I'm not under the weather- sheesh, girl! ;)

    ps- next time you should totally make sure "S" has a conference in Atlanta! You and your mans can go on a double blind date with Cath and I- hehe ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful (and not too stressful) weekend!

  4. you say hello, i say goodbye...hello, hello! that song's stuck in my head. thanks ela my bella!

    i'd be worried about that animal print hotel...i mean did you check the towels, make sure there weren't any, ahem, stains...a person can get freaky with those things ESPESH when there's leopard involved. i dunno, maybe it's just my dirty dirty mind.

    so glad you're finally feeling better! you look fabulous and JAIME! OMG i would've never pictured her like that. i too think hat. LOL! fun stuff and yummmm cheescake...num num num.

    have fun in arizona!!! takes LOTS of pics and THANK YOU for the shout out! LOVES YA LIKE NO OTHER K!

  5. It's too bad you weren't feeling well when you came to visit us! Boston is such a great city, and especially beautiful in the fall when the leavings turn red/brown. Hope you feel better soon!!

  6. WOW! I can believe about the hotel! Never seen something like this. At least is something different. How was sleeping in a room like that?
    Did you dream about the jungle?
    B* a la Moda

  7. Great post! Leopard gown? Hmmmm... 120$? tooo expensive...

    Love Ur outfit esp those boots...


  8. Wow. Spent the almost the whole trip in the hotel. That is rough! I'm glad you're feeling better!

  9. OH no, I had no idea you were feeling under the weather! Hope you're ok soon! By the way, love that outfit! Very autumny. The amount of leopard print in the hotel scares me. What an odd move for a hotel that isn't near a casino! I know what you mean about meeting your first bloggy friend by the way... it does feel a bit like a blind date and when I met mine last month, hubby joked about me pinning a red rose to my cardigan ;-) Anyhow, hope you have a lovely weekend and a wonderful time at the wedding!

  10. Baby girl, I hate that you still aren't feeling well! I left you some lovin on my blog yesterday. Check it when you have a chance. Hope you feel better SOOOOOONNN!!!!!! Hearts!

  11. Now that is a hotel made for sexy time. Grrrr! Too bad you felt so under the weather.

    Btw I heart the Cheesecake Factory. That use to be my go to spot for all my first dates. You knew it was a bad date if I didn't want to stick around for dessert. HA!

    Have fun at the wedding!

  12. You did dress to match the hotel, didn't you? ADMIT IT!! LOL! We don't judge. ;)
    Okay, that was hilarious. I'm so happy you and Jaime had such a great time. She looks adorable and I will definitely have to check out her blog. And yes, I did picture you as the lamp. Haha.
    Oh, you looked lovely for your "date" by the way. I couldn't tell you were sick at all, so nicely done. :)

  13. I love that reading your posts guarantees to make me smile, laugh, smile more, and then giggle. That animal print picture?? What??? I honestly thought you were kidding about being in Boston and were going to disclose you and S secretly went to Africa to particpate in a leopard safari hunt of some sort... because I love me some animal print and yet I have never seen that much of it at one time. Wow!! And so fun you got to meet up with a bloggie friend.. wish you and Mr. Nex (hee hee... so cute) hadn't had to spend so much time together. And as I have said before, you look better sick than I do healthy as a horse (and I am just now realizing what a stupid prhase that is... are horse's really all that healthy?? Hmmmm). Anyway- have fun at the wedding!!! Safe travels!

  14. What a cute post- few comments:
    1. You are so sweet to say such nice things- I had a great dinner...come back soon! :)
    2. The pic of all the leopard KILLS me. HAHA. Oh man, who knew there was lingerie for sale at that hotel? I've never seen that before- hysterical.
    3. Glad you are feeling better
    4. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. $120 for a robe! jeez!! my mom just loves leopard but not even she would sport that ;)
    glad to hear you are feeling better sweet girl!
    have a great weekend!!

  16. I am still laughing. Release your wild side? HAHAH!


  17. I love that story about the animal print. Gave me a few giggles! Release your wild side. What were the hotel managers thinking? But I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  18. ELA!!!!!! gahhh! i feel like i've missed out on so much and i've probably said that before! haha! HOW THE HECK ARE YOU!??! love the animal print you sexy cougar! haha! ;P and bloggy meet-up, how fun! i could've met up with lotsa bloggers when i was in cali but i was travelling with friends and didn't want to impose it on them :( booooooo. Have safe travels Ela! :)

  19. YOU lady are looking FAB in that leather jacket. So envious. Heh, and the story 'bout the animal print ;)

  20. i so love your posts:)i think the room was too much:)))take care:)

  21. that is a whole lot of leopard, cheetah, tiger, or whatever print at one hotel! WOW! ahahhaah. hilarious!

    i hope you have a great time at the wedding. you travel a lot and have such an exciting life! lucky you! :)

  22. Hi sweetie! Wow, that's A LOT of animal pattern!!! :) You could play hide and seek in that wardrobe. :)
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Have a great weekend, honey!

  23. I felt the same way when I went to meet Miss Liz and Oofa! Your boots are gorg btw!

  24. how fun is all of that animal print??!!

    you look adorable...sick or not:)

    glad you got to meet a blogging buddy!

  25. That's so awesome you were able to meet Jamie! she's so sweet!!! And it sounds like your hotel experience was um..."interesting"! hahahaha

  26. Boston! so near me! it is one of my favorite cities- you must go back and explore :)

  27. sexy prints! have a wonderful weekend.

  28. The leopard print is definitely in this season. It's just everywhere! From Loubutins to dresses, J'adore!

  29. Ha ha, that story about the leopard print was hilarious. So glad you had fun in the city!

    Also, glad you enjoyed a little bloggy get together. I did too - it was a blast! :)

    Glad you are feeling better, hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  30. hahah klee nex, i love that.

    that's so funny you changed your wedding ring! i'm glad to know that someone out there has done it (:

  31. Haha I love this post, and I feel your pain with the sickness! I've been feeling ill the past week too! But honestly, I would love the overflow of animal print, it's so fun!!


  32. oh god that leopard print is tooo much! like a porn set from the 70s...

    first time i met an online friend i was shitting myself! so much scarier than a blind date! a blind date you have no clue, but you already have a friendship set up with bloggers so the fear is more!

    hope you start feeling even better soon!

  33. ahh for a bath robe me crazy but if only you are gonig to be seeing that thing its not owrth it .. i like everyone to see my over priced stuff personally ;)
    and god those brown boots are killing me .. they are so perfect

  34. Hey there. I hope this finds you doing well. I also hope you've had a great weekend so far. Take care. Have a nice week. Cheers!

  35. oh that's pretty cool! meeting up with other bloggers! I read jaime's blog too, so it's really cool to see that you guys have met each other!

    love the dress, it looks missoni-ish!


  36. hahaha that is sooo funny!! well glad u liked boston :)

  37. Oh dear Ela!! In sickness & in health, you're still absolutely downright hilarious!!

    I was laughing so hard on this, "Just pretend I'm the lamp, but shorter and coughing." that it actually cured my jetlag!

    Hope you feel better soon. You NEED to feel better soon for the wedding in AZ this weekend! =)

  38. I used to have a great leopard-spotted robe. Sigh.

  39. hi ela! looking fab! at first i thought the dress was missoni! love the print! i love the leopard print too! im thinking of getting a leopard snuggie for winter. a friend swears by its comfort. pls stop me! ;)


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