Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I...Ch 3

A few days ago after a heavy lunch, S and I decided to take a long walk short stroll few steps in the park. It's amazing what I learned from the brief time I was there...

1. Heels + Rocks = Not such a good idea. Did I really just learn this now?
2. All you need is a safety pin to add some dimension to a long top/tunic.
Just gather and pin {pin from the inside. duh}
3. Looking down as you step from rock to rock = Good idea.
4. I can't do up my hair in a bun at this length, but I can do a ponyhawk.
5. I squint a lot little when the sun is in my eyes.
Which makes me look a tad angry, no? HA.
6. I kinda like hay....that is what this is right?
7. Whoa. I gotta lot of moles. See the 4 on my cheek alone?
8. Pockets on skirts are awesome but so are pockets on tops! 
Perfect for putting my glasses in. Oh wait, where'd they go?
9. The best part about taking a walk in heels is finding a place to sit.
10. Big rocks are actually quite comfy. Not even kidding. This one would've been perfect for my lawn or backyard. Made me wish I had a flatbed truck to haul it. Or a big monster of a man to pick up perfect rock-chair on his back.
Though it's probably illegal to steal rocks from a park...

Blazer - Necessary Objects, Striped Tank - Winners
Ankle Zip Grey 'Jeggings' {I hate that word} - H&M,  
Grey Suede Shoes - Juicy Couture 
Earrings - Heidi Klum, Necklace - Adina Reyter 
Rest of jewelry- Vintage

Sorry for all the pics in the same outfit. I cropped my head out of a few so you wouldn't have to keep staring at my face.
You're welcome.
Learn anything new lately?
xo Ela


  1. Cute outfit!

    I haven't learned much, I don't think. Well, I lie, but I'm saving that for a blog post.

  2. Haha! I also hate the jeggings word. :) Love Ur heels, Ela. I think I adore your whole pin? LOVE!

    Happy Easter by the way!

  3. WHAT THE HAY!!! Ummm ya...heels & rocks don't go so well :)- Lol

    One of your insights reminded me of my weekend. My kiddos thought it would be funny to count my freckles. Needless to say, they stopped because i have too many. Ha ha ha.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter weekend.

  4. Those jeggings are awesome! love love love

  5. Oh there's no way I could have walked in those hills. Way to brave on and try!

  6. Hey,
    Just stumbled upon your blog...and I have a few things to say...

    You have a great blog, this was a very nice post. I love your outfits and I hate the word jeggings too lol. I read your previous and I wanna say that my heart goes to you...I am very sorry you are hurting. You are very pretty and always should keep smiling. :)

    Also, I followed you and I would really appreciate it if you followed me back. I am new to blogging and I would really love some support.


  7. You always look like a model who walked right off the pages of a magazine... I can't wait to play dress up with you when I come to visit someday. So much fun!
    What have I learned?
    I hate the midnight hour but without it, I woulnd't get nearly as much work done (I wish I could work on this... get things done early, ahead of time, so I can sleep at midnight... but without the crazy stress and pressure of HAVING to work because there is no other option... I just don't function), I learned tonight that Maddux (my very fat cat) will let me dance with him in the family room (he's an odd cat... he enjoys being held on my hip like a baby, with his paws around my neck... and so I turned on some slow tunes and just danced away... because I've always wanted to dance in my family room and why wait for someone to dance with me?), I learned how to make crab legs this weekend so now I can eat them at home instead of having to go out, I learned that the new egg dye kits are way too much work and the old fashioned way is best (plop egg in color, done), I also learned that when I'm stressed, I don't eat (so note to self: don't waste $20 on Chinese take out while writing a brief because it will just sit on the counter... thank goodness the delivery guy was hot or the entire thing would have been a waste!!!!).

    Happy week to you my friend. Did the blazer arrive yet???

  8. Stop being so pretty! Seriously. This needs to stop. Please get a face transplant so I can feel better about myself. ;)

    I love this outfit. You are some kind of fashion magician, it seems. I never would have thought to put that blazer with the striped shirt, but you did and it looks FABULOUS! xoxo

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  9. you're ponyhawk makes you look fierce! i LOVE it! you're looking very skinny in those, umm.... i dont want to say the word either! jeggings... ugh. so damn hot!

  10. I love this outfit! :) Especially the safety pin thing in the top!

  11. I adore the safety pin idea! I need to try that out someday! And I love your lil ponyhawk, it rocks!!

    And I just wanna say that I've read your previous post, my heart goes out to you and S. Two wonderful people like you deserve to be happy, really happy, and I'm sure God has great plans in store for you.


  12. Aw, but we LIKE your face -- you're so pretty and lovely. Anyway, I adore the stripey tunic and I'm not usually a stripes person. You look very dainty on those rocks!


  13. no need to crop your face out! it's beautiful lady!
    hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

  14. you look fab!!!

    heels on a walk = no good! heels and any type of concrete = no good. heels in general? well, i save them for special occasions as i am a wuss. and you are not! :)

  15. I don't mind staring at your face Ela, you always look pretty! Love this shoot and that you are by the rocks. I miss my rocks in Utah by my home, they look like the comfy one you sat on. You are welcome by the way and we are here to listen. Hope you had a nice Easter!

  16. Love this look- I am totally into striped top + blazer. The shoes are gorgeous too! I need a pair of tstraps :)

    hope you had a lovely weekend and easter!

  17. haha oh ela, your face is too cute to crop out! super cute outfit & the pin idea is such a great tip. also, only the best girls can strut heels while rock climbing haha.

    hope you had a great easter/have a wonderful week!

  18. But i like staring at your face!

    The safety pin/tunic idea is genius! You so smart ela!!!

    Oh and rocks w/heels is my world. K maybe an exaggeration but sf streets are so effed up, its like walking on rubble half the time and hiiii i wear heels. Result is me always falling.

    Such is life.

  19. did S take all of those photos? you look lovely. the husband can't take a good picture of me to save his life.

  20. you look lovely - and another fun post.

    xs: will pray for you and what you have always wanted. =)

  21. Haha it is difficult to walk on rocks in heels. I really love your blazer and "jeggings" too!


  22. I big puffy heart pockets in dresses! Love that striped top btw. : )

  23. Ok- love everything about this outfit and you! You're absolutely gorgeous! Love that tunic with the pin too! XOXO

  24. Great heels! You walked with them on the rocks?! Wow!!

  25. Lol, I think it's illegal to steal anything... but stuff like rocks from the beach isn't really stealing is it...? But rocks from a landscaped park probably is! :)

    Ponyhawk - awesome.

  26. Heels + Cobblestone (or gravel) is dangerous too!! hee hee. :) This week I learned that I will ALWAYS be afraid of insects/bugs/creepy crawlers! ALWAYS. A Big Brown Grasshopper (not sure if it was a loctus??) "attacked" me... well, maybe not attacked, but it flew way too close to my face for comfort! Ewwwwwwww.

    Happy Thursday Ela!

    xx Love & Aloha

  27. Haha! Funny how you talked about uncomfortable looking boulders, yet ironically, they are like great places to sit on when you're outside. I also like the pin idea. I do that a lot, too!

    I started a new modest fashion blog site, and I stumbled upon yours through Elaine from Clothed Much. Would love for you to check my blog out whenever you can! I'm psyched to show how modest clothes can be stylish, too.

  28. Awesome look! Gotta love the heels even if they're impractical. I really need to try out that safety pin trick one of these days.

    Hope you've been doing well. I read your previous post and I know things will work out for you. If anyone deserves to be a parent it's you guys... you'll have the luckiest kiddies on the planet, I just know :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  29. so very business-ready but fashion forward. i love that blaaazer. not that i dont have enough blazers already!

  30. I've never looked so chic walking in a park before! And I really would have never guessed you just stuck a safety pin throw the hem- that is genius- genius, I tell you!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Ela!

  31. You look adorable!Love the shoes and your smile:)I think i just learned to appreciate everything and enjoy little things.happy weekend!

  32. Cute photos! Hrm.. I've learnt I always look to one side when I'm having my photo taken (I don't know why) ? Hehehe x

  33. Very nice heels although heels + rocks = great danger!!

    xx Alex

  34. Love your new outfit. I am obsessing over jeggings right now and have been purchasing every pair I can get my hands on! You look adorable in them!

  35. The pin tip is a fabulous idea! I wouldn't have ever thought.

    As for your pants... LOVE 'em!! You've certainly got the legs for them.

  36. Ela, you always look amazing! I hope things are going well for you. We haven't heard from you in a while!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  37. Love love love the outfit chica. Killer!

  38. Ela, come back.

    I miss you.

    Also, I hope you're doing well.

    Mae. thereafterish.

  39. You look so fabulous! I love this!

  40. Perfect outfit! And wonderful words of advice.

    Have a fabulous week ahead xoxo


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