Monday, April 19, 2010

Shirley Temple on the Rocks

Hey guys, are you still here???
These past few weeks...eek, I can barely put in words. Here are a few high(?)lights.

Smiling on the outside with my Shirley Temple curls...
that smile is about to disappear.

My kitchen faucet, sprays water. That's good, right? Well last week it sprayed water from places that water should not be coming out of. It gave my kitchen blinds a nice wash though. I refused to call a plumber and "fixed" the problem by going all McGiver with a butter knife. No seriously, that's what I did. It seems to have stopped the leakage. Fingers crossed. Have I mentioned our home is less than two years old...

I've been battling with a skin rash I got from being around my friend's dog (I'm allergic to everything). Two weeks later it was barely any better. Turns out the cream I was given has a side effect, that shows up in about 1% of the population (yay me), of causing a skin rash. Did you get that? A cream that combats skin rash but actually can cause a skin rash. Can I say, WTHeck??? So, I'm now using two creams, one to fight off the rash and another to fight off the second skin rash the first cream is causing.

FACE = WTHeck???
Notice the one smaller eye with the puffier eye bag. Yup, that's what happens when I feel stressed. Serenity now, serenity now!!!

The other day S was pulling out of the garage then I heard some sort of commotion. Turns out our garage door decided to come off its tracks. Or thankfully(?) track, as in just on one side. It took 3 strong men and 3 hours later just to get the door back on the ground. We've had to leave it unopened this last week to you know, prevent it from killing anyone. We are still waiting to hear back from the garage people about when they can come to "service" it. Have I mentioned that our home is less than two years old....

When cleaning our master ensuite last week, I dropped a bottle of nail polish. On our bathroom tiles. Amazing how a small bottle can cause so much tears such a mess. Did I mention that our tiles are a creamy off white? Did I mention that the nail polish was RED??? Long story short, I got it off the tiles but we need to regrout some. S was sweet enough to tell me not to worry, that it's super easy to fix. Bless his heart.

I had to make a fondant cake for my BFF's little girl. 20+ hours later, no I'm not exagerrating, I got her Dora cake done. Never. Again.
Pics to follow...seem to have misplaced my camera. Seriously.

Anyway, that's just a piece of the last few weeks, there's more but then you'd think I'm lying so let's just leave it at that. MISS you all!!! Off to catch up on all you lovelies.


  1. Your Shirley Temple locks are fabulous. So whatever unfortunate experiences you had last week does not show. You look awesome! xoxo

  2. I adore Shirley Temple and I love U as U know! :)

  3. You are so beautiful.... your curls make me smile.
    How are you? Sounds like you had quite the week... sorry your plate is so full. Even stressed, you look amazing and gorgeous... and I love you to pieces.
    Let me know if I can do anything... I'm great at sending goodies in the mail :)

  4. THERE SHE IS!!!

    your ears must've been ringing because yesterday (and i'm not even lying), i thought, "hmmm wonder when ela will come back." see i do care! so go on and sit yourself next to beiber, i'll take you BOTH for a stroll. HA!

    so wow, you've been...uh...busy? or should i say cursed. my goodness, your poor eye. you still look perdy though.

    thanks for saying i sound like lea michelle. that better than a fetus/baby. i'll take it!!!

  5. I've missed you and was hoping you were okay!

    Sorry to hear that you've had a rough few weeks but if it's any consolation your curls look fab!

    Hope things perk up soon!

  6. I agree with the WTHeck on the cream. A cream to cure rash should not cause another rash. Ohh the irony.

    Hope you don't have any more unfortunate events happening to your home.

    Love the curls though.

  7. Hahaha, it sounds like a dramatic couple of weeks, but you're always so funny in the story-telling that I still smile :) Anyway, we miss you :)


  8. my babydoll is back. honeymuffin with sugar on top! i missed you. i love you. i love your curls and want to DRINK YOU UP!

  9. you're so lovely!

    so sorry your young house is acting a fool. that garage business is mad scary. i don't trust garage doors.

    can't wait to see the dora cake!

  10. oh lady, you have been so busy and dealing a lot!
    i hope you are having a good day today!
    cute pictures hun :)

  11. Wow. Sounds like you've been extremely stressed out and busy! I'm so sorry. :( The garage door and tiles sound awful. I hope that all gets fixed soon and becomes a distant memory.

    On a happier note, you are absolutely adorable in these photos and your curly hair is GORGEOUS!! I am looking forward to pictures of your cake too. I'm sure it was beautiful and delicious.

    Feel better, Ela! xoxo!

  12. That's a lot of bad luck...but you look stunning anyway, rash be damned.

  13. oh GOD. when it rains, it POURS! and i hope the next storm pours some HAPPINESS, CHEER AND ZERO PROBLEMOS on you and yours! hang in there!!!

    p.s. my eye twitches when i am under stress. not very attractive. nope. NOT! and seeing a pic of me is no great shakes -- you aren't missing anything fab -- TRUST ME!

  14. I was just thinking of you the other day and hoping that your absence from posting wasn't due to illness. I see "life" at it's absolute best has just got in the way ;). I've done the nail polish thing before. Mum and Dad weren't so sweet about it ;) hehehe. Hope your rash clears and you feel better! And anyone who can spend that long on a Dora cake is number 1 in my book ;) Glad to see you back Ela : D x

  15. Oh Ela I have missed you too! So sorry about your garage door, face, and tile! Oh no, you certainly weren't joking and hope that this week is better for you! You still look lovely, puffy eye and all. XO!

  16. Yay!! You're back in blogland! Sorry about the rash!

  17. omgosh ive always wanted to make my own super decorative fondant cake...but i dont actually know what fondant is other that playdough-y molding kinda. haha. it looks pretty, so that's all i care about. cant wait to see your pics of the fondant dora cake!

    have a wonderful rest of your week miss :)

  18. oh no, sorry to hear about all the mishaps, but you look super cute with those curls! keep smilling, you look gorgeous!

  19. Oiii...darling Ela!
    What's going on, hope it had nothing to do with what's happening in Iceland?! Hang in there beautiful, I'm sure this week will certainly be better~ love your lovely curls~~~
    xo as always*

  20. glad everything is ok! they don't make houses like they used to anymore, ssshhhesh!

    i once had these sleeping pills, and the side effects included insmonia. always made me laugh.

    you look gorgeous with shirly temple curls!

  21. Your hair is so pretty, darling!


  22. Oh, Ela, that's shit! I'm so sorry! Must be so frustrating when you want your home (brand new home) totally perfect, and it all goes awry. It probably dredges up other frustrations that have nothing to do with the house. S sounds amazing, so there's consolation!

    If we left our garage door up at my childhood home in San Diego, everything in the house would've been boosted and sold on the black market within the week. It's a good thing you live in a good neighbourhood!

    I know my prayers are needed, and I will continue to pray for you and S. Life is tough, it's always good to have friends who intercede.

    I know things will improve!


  23. PS. Your hair looks amazing, despite the puffy stress eye, which, btw, I can barely tell...

  24. ELA!!!!!!! i've missed your blog too! i've been so MIA everywhere! :( I skimmed through every post on this page though, hehe!

    1) i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE that story about S and "that" girl! haha! Stuff that you'd think only happens in the movies! I love your guys' happy ending.

    2) Speaking of happy ending - i'm not God so i can't say you WILL have kids but i do know that God has a plan and He always has your best interest in mind :) I'm glad you guys have decided to stop the tears/pain/hurt and just enjoy what life has to offer right now. :)

    I hope your double rash gets better soon! (i had a wth look too when i read about it haha)

  25. love the curls! ugh speaking of nail polish I dropped some purple on my beige leather couch and no matter how much I scrub there's still a residue behind! Good luck replacing the grout, I would love to learn how to do tiles one day (hehe lately I've been decorating my place so I'm all into the DIY)

  26. What a craptastic week you've been issues, rashes, nail polish explosions, cake battles!?! Hang in there! This week will be MUCH better. Promise.

  27. Oh ELA!!! YOu are baaaack. I am thrilled. I have wholeheartedly missed the wondrous tales of you and S.

    I am terrible sorry to hear you have had a crappy week :( I will say little prayers for you in hopes that this week will be better!


  28. Welcome back!! Glad you are doing well- sounds like an insane few weeks though :) My job is going wonderfully- I am happy and went out to drinks with my old co-worker and my old work is as terrible as always...and that makes me BEYOND thrilled to be gone! haha.

    xo Jaime

  29. You're so pretty :)

    Have a great Tuesday,
    Hope =)

  30. Oh geesh lady. You SO need a vacay. I'm sorry about all that craptastic luck! Oh and my guns are from hauling around a toddler. The rest of the bed is what needs work. AH ha ha

  31. Love your curls! Wow you've had a busy life. The leakage thing... sounds like something I would do. And baking a cake for 20+ hours just for your friend's daughter? Crazy, but you are a sweetheart!

    Don't worry about the eye... mine starts twitching when I get stressed. That can be really annoying as well. I've missed you girl... glad you're back! :)

  32. sorry to hear all that. all all go through stuff at times. it'll all get better.

  33. Bugger about all that! It's great you can still smile about things :)

    I'm going to make a cake for my friend's boy who's turning one. I hope it doesn't take 20 hours!! And yes, photos of the Dora cake please!

  34. love the hair!! sorry to hear about the skin rash!

  35. Hey Ela! HOpe things are going well for you. If I were there, I'd take you out for ice cream!!

    In response to your comment... we are moving out first and moving our things into Chase's parents' garage until we get back from PI then hauling it down to LA and finding an apartment... I know. It's too much to handle for me. Fingers crossed!!!

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  36. nice write up,,btw like you photos , its cute

    Other blog's Prince ronel and iamronel

  37. HAHHAAHAHAH! What a week. You are so funny and know how to laugh from the things that happen to you. It is good to have that sense of humor!

    B* a la Moda

  38. you are so cute Ela!!!

    Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely Earth Day # 40 yesterday! Have a great weekend!

  39. Oh sweet Ela.. I'm so sorry to hear everything that's been going on... but everything only gets worse, so it can get better. I had a meltdown the other day and a pretty off week, but today was great... and I'm hoping for a great weekend as well. Well, regardless of how your days have been, you're still so cute as a button. Those locks are adorable! HUGS!!

    xx Love & Aloha

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  40. Sounds like you've had an eventful couple of weeks!!

    Christine xx

  41. I don't know what's worse, dropping nail polish on the floor or baking a cake and it turning into a nightmare. I love to bake, but if something goes wrong I basically have a meltdown...I FEEL YOU!!!!

  42.'ve been missed!!! Such awful things are happening to you and your home. I say call the builder or your home owners insurance and file a claim. That's what i would do :)-

    Feel better soon hun.

  43. 20+ hours?? Is it possible someone's more domestically challenged than me? ;-)

  44. Cute curls!! You look gorgeous! And it sounds like you had a rough week - I hope everything has been better since! You deserve a break!



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