Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Really Good...

Is it just me or was that a reallllllly long weekend? LOL sorry, I had no intention of taking a week off. But life kinda knocked me down for a bit then kicked me a lil while I was down {grumble, grumble} and it took a while to get back up and dust myself off. Missed your faces and missed seeing the going ons in your lives. Looking forward to catching up with y'all!

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So....are you tired of hearing about me yet?
Too bad.
Cause one of my favourite people {ever} KS tagged me a lil while ago to list 7 Things I'm a Master At along with an award I mentioned a while back. Seeing as I received it over a month ago, obviously I'm a master at procrastination {for certain things} but that's not all...

I'm really good at forgetting whether or not I've seen a movie. How many times have S and I come home from Blockbuster{yes, we still go there} only to pop in a movie, watch the first 30 seconds then say, "OMGosh, we've seen this!" Then turn it off. And whine about how there's nothing to watch.

I'm really good at not knowing what I want. At restos. I am indecisive and often when I get my meal, I wish I had gone with the other thing I was contemplating. I'm quite certain that if a menu were to offer just three items, I'd need a good 5 mins to mull it over. 

I'm really good at reversing into spots. No, I'm not kidding. I really am. But parallel parking...that's another story.

I'm really good at guessing your weight what the TV will say next. It's not unusual to be loved by anyone find me finishing sentences along with my fave TV shows. So annoying fun, right? S has said a number of times, "you should just write for them." Write for my fave TV shows. Oh, I'd love that. I'd do it for free.

I'm really good at impersonating bad dancers/dance moves. I just need to see someone *dance* once and I can replicate it no problem. Wouldn't you pay to see that?

I'm really good at giving presents. Late. There's a family we love with 4 girls who S and I have seen grow up and adore, every year I buy them Christmas pressies in November or December. But the Holidays roll around and I get tied up. I usually get their pressies to them later...the following March. This year I managed to get it to them in February. Imagine their excitement when Christmas came early!

I'm really good at organizing things. In my closet, my shoes are stacked neatly on my shelves. My tops are sorted by sleeve length, then by colour, my sweaters are folded by type {cardi, pullover, etc.} then by colour, my dresses are hung by colour on the other end of my closet and my pants are draped over pant hangers by type {slacks, jeans, etc.} then by colour. OCD much? Yeah, I know.

I'm really good at other stuff too but I'm also good at keeping count, and I've already listed 7.
Tell me what you've mastered.
xo Ela


  1. HAHA! You always add this touch of humor that I love. I always forget if I have watched movies too. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  2. i forget about movies too! and some films just look/sound the same, you know?!! xxx

  3. I've missed you Ela! Will you come organize my closet?? Pretty please?? :)

  4. hello, darling--how i've missed you!

    i am the most awesome at giving gifts late. my mother's bday is in march--one year she didn't get her gift until, like, july. it's horrible, really.

  5. Hehe, we always learn new things about you from these tags! How come you're so interesting lol?

    I find it so endearing that you can't remember whether or not you've seen a movie before!

  6. Glad you are back! Your forgetting about seeing movies...that's me and books I've read! Can never remember, no idea why because I love to read!

    xo Jaime :)

  7. I am glad you are back too, I am super good at organizing. I have to be careful if I get on a cleaning frenzy though, I get a little obsessed with having everything in its proper place, lol! Hope you are doing well. :)

  8. welcome back! ha ha i am pretty much like you except for the bad dancers part lol can't impersonate them and just when I thought I was a pretty decent dancer GG said I need to work on my groove! imagine?! lol happy Monday girl!

  9. You and I could be closet BFF's! My closet is exactly the same way.

    Glad to see your face around here. We missed you :)

  10. Hey, you're back in bizzznizzz! I commend you on your ability to back into parking spots...girls seem to struggle with that sort of thing. Spacial relations and all that...

  11. LOL these cracked me up... especially that guess your weight one. hahah I suck a parallel parking.

    ps. check out my blog at:

  12. Actually you sent me my gift early, just fyi :)

    Oh hey! There she is!!! So nice to see you again.

    I suck at reverse parking. Dave is a pro! You two would make a great team. Haha. I'm much better at parallel parking...even better than regular parking. Odd.

    Have a great day friend!

  13. i hope this is a much better week for you!

    and i bet you are better at driving in reverse AND parallel parking than i am!

    i need to see your dancing skills. i used to BEG my sister to dance like vanilla ice when his video came on mtv. way back when. it would make me cry and cry and cry with laughter, as she isn't a super dancer and she would try SO HARD to do it like he did. needless to say she is about a scrillion times better a dancer than me! :)

  14. Stopping by from SITS. Very entertaining.

  15. I am so OCD too... my closet is just like yours. Even the folds of the clothes should be uniform.

    Gosh, I want to see you impersonating bad dance moves... that would be so hilarious.

    Have a great day Ela! xoxo

  16. heehee...once I asked a stranger to parallel park my car, thank goodness he didn't drive off with my car! I avoid that style of parking as much as possible!! I love seeing bad dancers pulling all the moves...they are so bad & wrong yet so RIGHT!
    FUN to watch at their expense~ I am so bad!
    I so adore you Ela ~xo*

  17. Hope things are going well now! Welcome back!

  18. WHOA, there you are, Ela! You've been missed!

    I prayed for you this last weekend, don't know why. Just did. Popped into my head, fired off a quick one to the Universe/God... Hope that's not creepy-creeps.

    I'm good at sending Thank you's LATE!! I just barely finished up my wedding thanks yous. It's been 7 months. OH MY GOSH. CRAZY, right?

    You really have so many talents. I'm surprised you're not super rich! I'd pay to see you replicate bad dance moves. That being said, if you have skills at duplicating bad dancing, can you replicate good dancing in the same way?


  19. Oh Ela I adore you, and your indecisiveness. I too am incapable of making decisions. In fact, at restaurants, I'll order the same thing during every visit simply because I already know I like it. Why take a chance and order something icky, right? :)

    I hope things are going better for you now, my love!! :)

  20. Yay, you're back! Wanna come over and help me organize? Ah ha ha. Oh and I watch some movies over and over and somehow still manage to forget how it ends.

  21. Ela, luckily I live in So Cal where there are lots of parking. I can't back into a space or parallel parking... : (

  22. Your forgot some things:

    #8 You're really fantastic when it comes to blogging.
    #9 You're an amazing friend.
    #10 You're a master at just being gorgeous.

    Hope you're having a magical week!!

  23. I love your list :) So glad you played along...

    And the movie thing makes me laugh... hee hee. That's cute. And restos... I suck. I can never make up my mind, so I end up ordering so much food, and eating bits of each piece and having leftovers for a month.... that I never eat because I am a weirdo with leftovers. A leftovers snob. Ridiculous.

  24. I think I"ll need to hire you to organize my closet. Such a mess... I actually spent 30 minutes looking for a blouse yesterday before going out to dinner! Loved reading this facts about you and don't worry about not posting. I've been getting a bit blog-lazy as well, though I did spend a few days in Germany last week which I'm using as an excuse ;-)


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