Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I...

Sweater Dress - Questions? (Seriously, that's what the label says...), Leather Jacket - Zara, Boots - Lucky Brand you can buy here or here, Belt - Dunno, Cheesy/Stink Face - Still sick
*More on the carpet, where I am and who I got to meet on my next post :)

Do random thoughts pop into your head when you're under the weather? They do in mine. All the time actually, here are some Things I...

Things I am tempted to do when I'm lazy...
1. Only fill in one eyebrow since my bangs cover the other one anyway.
2. Not make the bed.
3. Sleep in my "next day's clothes" to save me all the trouble. If only I knew what they were.

Things I do when I'm tired...
1. Laugh when I actually mean to cry.
2. Crack an egg. Separate the yolk from the whites. Then throw away the yolk. The precious golden yolk. Health buff I am not.
3. Wear my glasses. In the shower. And wonder why everything is "so spotty".

Things I do...that I don't have an excuse for...
1. Call people then forget who I've dialed. Sometimes I hang up after a ring or two when I seriously can't figure it out.
2. Go in the fridge. And just stare. With the hopes that eventually the *thing* I went in there for will make itself known to me.
3. Forget to make dinner then wonder why there's nothing to eat.

Things I do that make me think I've lost it....
1. Once in the driveway, hop out the car to check if I've locked the front door. Once I've driven off, drive back. To check if I shut the garage door.
2. When my cell phone rings, click "Talk", then "End", then say "Hello?"
3. Attempt to wash my face with lotion. And rub cleanser on my legs.

Your turn, give me something you do.
xx Ela


  1. lol, you're so funny girl!!

    hmm I can't think of the blonde things I do off the top of my head, but I'm sure its a long list!

    you look great too despite feeling sick, get well soon!

  2. HAHA! I also laugh when I really want to cry. Great jacket!
    B* a la Moda

  3. :))) Honey, you don't look sick at all. I wish I look like this "in sickness".
    I also do a few weird things... I often come back to check if I locked the front door... sometimes I come back when I am about 5 minutes away from the house... (I walk). I always check if the cooker/oven is on... S often reminds me that it's been a few hours since I finished cooking, so if there was fire, we would be in trouble by now... or he loves reminding me that I didn't even use those appliances that evening.
    When I am tired I often put cupboard stuff in the fridge (sugar, teabags, coffee etc) and some of the fridge stuff can be left in a cupboard.
    Oh, yes! I often wash my hair with a conditioner and then wonder why everything fills so lumpy. :)))
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. haha you poor thing :) i hope you feel better soon! hmm mine would have to be i...
    cry when i really mean to laugh (poor josh right :)
    watch endless episodes of really stupid tv shows (hello vampire diaries)
    eat tons and tons and TONS of chicken soup (cliche but my body just begs for it whenever im sick)
    get really annoyed when i have to go to the bathroom...i have to get all the way out of bed and walk alllll the way down the hallway. it's a tough life. ;)
    feel better my love, sending you a huge hug!
    {and even tho your sick you're gorgeous as always!}

  5. Oh my gosh, these are hilarious! I do soooo much of the same things!

    I hope you feel better soon! Want me to send you soup? I totally will!

  6. Bwaah ah aha! These are hysterical.

    The thing i do that I think is the weirdest is that I stress out until I make myself sick to my stomach. That is weird. Why would I make my own self sick?

  7. Love these. I do almost all of these as well. Not the glasses thing b/c I don't wear glasses but if I did I would probably wear them in the shower also. :)

  8. oh Ela my darling Ela, I love you! Hahaha. I believe I am also guilty of "fridge staring." I am hungry most of the time but there are times when my mind goes blank and I keep thinking, "why is there nothing to eat?" Wait, is this the same thing that happens with our closets too?! "I have nothing to wear..."

  9. First, you look great. I love that dress and those boots. You always look so elegant and classy. :)
    Second, again, you are SO freaking funny! And I can relate to all of these, especially the calling and forgetting thing. I do that at work, much to my horror. And sometimes the person picks up right away and I casually say "who are you?" and they get confused and suspiciously ask "well, who are YOU?" and back and forth, while my editor is sitting across from me, staring at me with one eye brow raised. So embarrassing!!
    Anyway. And yes, I also do the OCD checking of the locks and the garage door. I get that from my dad. We will be two hours into a road trip and then have to turn back so he can check to make sure he closed the garage door. Um, yeah.
    I loved this post. It made my day!!

  10. Love your jacket and those boots! Haha and I totally know what you mean with regards to the fridge. I have gotten to the fridge so many times only to open it and stand there, wondering why the heck I went there in the first place! Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  11. haha I've gone back to check the garage door a few times too, sometimes after I get to work I wonder if I remember to turn the portable heater off :S sighhh I'm not a morning person hehe and thanks for the Hello Kitty comment, after I finished painting my Hello Kitty as a Kiss member I wanted to get 3 more so I have the whole band but Mcdonalds got rid of those toys already booo!

  12. Loved this look :)

    I see that fabulous leopard carpet.....

    I do that fridge thing too!

  13. Your so funny :P
    i tend to repeat myself without realizing it ,
    i do the fridge thing aswell ,
    i tend to call home to make sure ive closed the front door when ive left the house and i leave the keys in the front door all the time !

    Eva xx

  14. I neeed the same jacket, dear. I have a WSL leather motorcycle jacket but thiiiis is the best! LOL!


  15. I laugh until I can't laugh no more because my belly is aching from too much laughing but the tears continue to roll down my cheeks. :)

    When I'm lazy I don't do the laundry and just sit all day eating a lot and doing nothing.

    Once when I was too tired, I forgot to close the front door and ended up waking up early morning with all the house lights on.

    I do forget what I'm going to get sometimes when I open my cabinet in the bedroom or in the bathroom.

    Lastly,I used the conditioner a lot of times as my facial wash ( and I wonder why it's not frothy) and the facial tube cream as my toothpaste because they are placed side by in the cabinet. I usually do these things when I'm worried about something.;)

  16. I know, I know, I failed this morning with the pic!! haha. I brought a camera too- yes, next time!

    The cheesecakes were-in a word- amazing. Especially the special red velvet one...soo yummy and actually not too "heavy". Just ate my leftovers for lunch too! :)

  17. that zara jacket is the bomb dizzle. loves it!

    i can't believe you make the bed every day. actually i can, i can totally see you doing that and having a long funny convo with S while you do :)

    oh and this...

    "2. Go in the fridge. And just stare. With the hopes that eventually the *thing* I went in there for will make itself known to me."

    i do often. it's sad. GET BETTER ALREADY!

    ps. who did you meet? i hate being left hanging. blame my impatience.

  18. I do the front door thing all the time! I also leave for work and then swear to myself that I left the stove on after taking the tea kettle I drive back to my house and back in I go to see a shut off stove...

  19. You look fabulous in this outfit! Well, when I' am tired I don't want to talk at all. I refuse to answer my mobile and I become rather antisocial!

  20. I love your lists, Ela! When I'm uber tired, lazy and/or under the weather, I like to hum and sing at the same time - just made-up little ditties (and I am not blessed with a good voice whatsoever)- I also get a bit giggly.

    Absolutely love your outfit: the jacket, the dress, the boots! You look tres chic and gorgeous for someone who feels well! You don't look at all like I do when I'm down and out for the count. I hope you feel absolutely magnificent soon!

    ps- you fill in your brows too? If I thought about the bangs covering one of them I totally would have gotten Cath's hair style last time at the hairdressers- hahaha ;)

  21. I never make the bed! hahaha, I sleep in it in 12 hours anyway... Why fix it?

  22. This outfit is to die for... I think S might need to get you a bodyguard for when you travel with him and he's off at meetings. I feel like people on the streets will think you're a supermodel and try to attack you for autographs... I just feel like you would be safer with a bodyguard... you should bring that up to him and see what he says :)
    And your lists made me laugh... I have been so forgetful lately, which is unlike me, so I've resorted to leaving post it notes on my door with reminders like "Take the lunch you just packed off the counter" (or I will pack my lunch and leave it on the counter and never bring it with me) or "Blow out the candles" (or I would forget and burn my house down). When I'm sad, I eat constantly. And nothing healthy either- chips, more chips, fruit-by-the-foot (do you have this in Canada??), popcorn, forzen pizza, chips... yeah, I pretty much love chips :)

  23. He he, I have never worn my glasses in the shower, you are a very talented girl! I hope you feel better soon. You poor thing, those germs need to leave you alone!

  24. I noticed that carpet straight away, I'm glad that you are going to bring it up!!!

    you look fab!

  25. Hahahahahahahahah gosh Ela, you really hit the nail on the head with this one. I have done EVERY one! Except the egg one, don't do eggs so much.
    Here's some of mine
    - I have gotten in the shower fully clothed... but with my shower cap on (of course)
    - one time my mom asked me what time it was. Instead of looking at my cell hone I walked upstairs to her bedroom, unplugged the alarm clock and brought it down to her
    - oh and I am forever putting clean laundry in the fridge instead of the closet! Lawd!


    "1. Only fill in one eyebrow since my bangs cover the other one anyway." many times I have thought of doing that!! HAHA!!!

    miss you lover. You look gorgeous! My Mom has been so sick, been at the hospital all day, between her and Gabby..ughhh!!!

  27. hun check this out: hugs!!! rhain

  28. 'Wear my glasses. In the shower. And wonder why everything is "so spotty".' LMAO! i do that too sometimes, ahaha and i thought i was the only crazy one ;)

  29. hey you still look fab while being the # 2 on things i do..that i don't have an excuse for,lol!!!

  30. Hey pretty lady... did S agree to get you a bodyguard yet?? Hee hee hee...
    Just wanted to let you know, I left a little bloggie award for you on my post today... because, well... you're just the best!! And until I can meet you for real, the best I can do is shower you with blog love :)

  31. LOL, ah all these happen to me sometimes too. I have called friends up only to forget what I want to tell them and I have put gorcery in the oven thinking it's the fridge... yikes....
    btw, you are my winner for the Tolani scarf giveaway. Sent me your info so i can forward it. Have a great day.

  32. are we related? today i have crashed into several walls, dropped more than a few things, and felt like i was high as a kite after drinking a glass of iced tea.

    i ALWAYS think i have forgotten to unplug the flat iron or the hot rollers. ALWAYS. i must check it at least 3 times before i leave for work. and even then i can't remember if i have checked it yet. MADDENING.

    and in the shower i can't remember if i have conditioned my hair half of the time. sigh.

  33. Poor baby! I hope you are on the road to recovery soon!

    And: ahahahahaha! Filling in one eyebrow. Yeah, that's me, too. :)

  34. ela, you're the sweetest! thank you for today's comment. i'll be out of my funk tomorrow. i kinda have to be...once the weekend is here, i'm in full on prep mode.

  35. hahahah i almost died i swear i almost ided laguhing at the eye brown thing ... i think this sometimes lol my bangs cover myother one too


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