Friday, March 5, 2010

Wisdom Comes With Age...Later in Life

A little while ago I told you I got my wisdom teeth pretty in my early teens. And I know I said in jest that I liked to think they made me that much smarter but I gotta tell you, they did not. Sure I brought home 90s, aced pop-quizzes, made the honor role and even brought home the occasional award. But sometimes...I was just downright dumb. Granted, I don't think it had anything to do with the teeth...

One Christmas Eve after a fight with my mom the night before, I decided I'd runaway forever. Yet I didn't even bother to pack a single thing. From the bus station I called my best friend. I told her I had runaway and that I needed a place to stay. She told me to hold on while she asked her parents if I could spend the night. By the time I got there her parents had called mine. But both parents agreed that I could spend the night and celebrate Christmas Eve with my best friend. That night I watched my best friend and all her siblings open pressie after pressie. My best friend's mom felt sorry watching me just sit there empty handed so she went upstairs and came back with a present for me. Imagine my excitement as I opened my brand new(?)...towel. Best Christmas ever? Not so much. 15 and smart as a whip whipped cream.


About a year later, I remember asking my mom to sign something from school. A permission form allowing me to participate in some fun activity, more importantly get me out of class for the day. My mom told me she was "too busy" at the moment but that I should remind her later. Being impatient helpful I asked if she'd like me to sign it for her. Confused by my offer, she asked me to clarify. I then proceeded to to tell her that I'd gotten really good at forging her signature. In response she looked at me with shock, awe, bewilderment and pride(?). So of course I had to add, "but forging dad's signature is even easier." 16 and sneaky. Just not smart enough to keep my mouth shut.

Any dumb moments you'd like to share?

Have a fabulous weekend!!!
xo Ela
p.s. In case you're wondering, I did not take my towel pressie home.


  1. A towel?!!? Hahahahaha... well, I do suppose it's the thought that counts. And I loved that you ran away forever... without luggage, but had to flee to a place where "parent permission" to stay was required.
    Dumb moments? Oh yes... I am sure I have had them. My friend Sarah has dumb moments all of the time and they just make me laugh and laugh...
    Let's see- my dim wit moments as of late. I am not a morning person... AT ALL. So I had an "early class" (10 am) the other day and I was struggling to get going. I put on a little makeup so I wouldn't look like death and went to school. I realized, after glancing in the bathroom mirror at school, that I had only painted ONE of my eyebrows... ONE. Dear god, I looked ridiculous!!
    Happy Friday my friend!!

  2. That was funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Hahaha! You were forging their signatures and you told them about it? You're so cute Ela. I can't stop laughing. Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. I had numerous dumb moments.. and still do unfort.

    I remember one time when I was probably about 10 or 11, my mom had left hamburger meat out to thaw for spaghetti that night, and one of my older siblings put it back in the freezer. So we all got threatened with a spanking if someone didn't come forward to say they did it... Altough I DID NOT DO IT, I took the blame for it and got the spanking. Me the baby of the family... it was only a few years ago that my sister told me it was her who put it back!

    But I did have my smart moments... another spanking session (I promise I wasnt bad kid)my Dad told me and my sister to go to our rooms he would be up in a minute with the spatuala. Me being the smart one put on all my panties and my sisters panties so it wouldn't hurt! =) I had to fake cry so it seemed like it did. =)

    (sorry for the novel)

  5. LOL. I have tooo many dumb moments to share...let's just say you can take the blonde outta the girl but you can't take the girl outta the blonde? Haha ;)

    Happy weekend, Ela! Thanks for the nice comment today!

  6. My friend intro me to a guy years ago. He didn't catch my fancy. After our 2nd date he called me to chat and mentioned his single guy friend.... Anyhoo, my big mouth opened and asked perhaps he should intro me to his friend. He was quiet for a while and commented he didn't know how to reply to my comment. I tried to backtrack but it was too late. I didn't like him but what was I thinking right... : (

  7. me, dumb moments? oh lady i have way too many to list but i'll give you two...

    1. when i was young enough to barely talk but old enough to walk, i helped my brother runaway by pulling a chair up to the door so i can unlock the door for my two year old brother. luckily we found him playing on some random's yard. he had walked close to 2 miles. yea. hella dumb.

    2. went to a rave the day before easter when i was 16. left that morning to find my car stolen. i called my aunt crying. told her i had been to a hotel party, not a rave. too bad i was dumb enough to print my pics from that night and leave them for her to find.

    again...hella dumb.

    happy friday!!!

  8. :) THis is funny Ela Bella. I love it. You were quite the trouble maker weren't you? I can hardly imagine!

  9. hahaha! thankfully we keep getting smarter and smarter with time. at least i hope so.

    i had a kindergarden teacher that emphasized how important it was for us to know our right hand from our left hand. she stressed over and over again that we would need this knowledge for the rest of our lives. for some reason i was paying attention, and i took her words to heart. i did not want to fail in this matter. so i labeled my left hand with the word "left" and my right hand with the word "right". i am sure that made my parents SO PROUD. not.

  10. hahaha! I think almost everyone forged their parents signature at one point! ohh man that totally brings back highschool memories :D Have a great weekend hun!

  11. Ela you are too precious! Ha ha, I once walked all the way to the nearest movie store to buy Dirty Dancing when my pillows were under my bed supposedly hiding my body. Lol, needless to say I was caught!

  12. are too cute darling!
    My dumb moments would be putting fresh milk in kitchen cabinets instead of the fridge...the worst part is that it happens more than I like to remember! duh,,,I need to drink more proteins to gain my IQ!

  13. I worked in an office where we communicated through MSN instant messenger while working. One morning (while having 3 convos on the go)I made the mistake of sending a msg to the wrong person, saying..."ooooh look out, Rita is in a baaad mood this morning!"...and of COURSE Rita was my boss and she got the msg.

    Then the worst brain-malfunction happened after Kid#1 was born. While leaving a voice mail message for a client to call me back I forgot the last 4 digits of my phone number. Gone! They couldn't be recalled. I hung up so they'd at least think the call was dropped.
    AND I also walked out of Old Navy with a pile of kids clothes on top of my stroller. I'd forgot that I'd picked them out and walked right outta the store! I noticed about 10 minutes later when I looked down and saw them. HORRIFIED,I ran back and apologized like a crazy woman!

  14. Ha...I adore you Ela.

    My dumb moments occur at least once a week. I have a tendency to yell out "I love you" to random dogs that I see (they're cute!). The other day I did this outside of Starbucks and the dogs owner thought I was saying it to him. Oopsie! :)

  15. hahhaa thats really funnny! i forged my parents sig once and the teacher caught me and i lied saying that my dad worked really late and he was super tired so he jus scribbed it really quickly :P

  16. Hahahah! way to go ela! telling your mom you've gotten good at forging her signature!!! ;P

    stupid moments? ahhh yes.... lots while i was in high school. its all a blur now... i've probably just purposely blocked it out of my memory! haha! oh oh but one stands out for now.... when i was about 15 i wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend, so of course i had to have one secretly... and i secretly had him over one day when no one was home but for some reason, my brother came home early that day so i freaked out and hid him behind the couch while i distracted my brother so i could then hide him in my closet. hahaha! WOW... well needless to say i am no longer with that boy and i look back now and just kick myself for being so stupid.

  17. a towel? hahaha. i ran away with my cousin when were were about 10. we hung out in the cemetary all day and then came home around dinner because we got hungry.

    i used to forge my dads signature for my mother on official documents and things bc he was never around and it was just easier if i did it. badass!

  18. I realized, after glancing in the bathroom mirror at school, that I had only painted ONE of my eyebrows... ONE. Dear god, I looked ridiculous!!
    Happy Friday my friend!!
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  19. Ela! You dodgy little kid you! *gasps* Oh this post has made me laugh like a silly!

    I hope you're out of such habits! I have a 87 year old grandmother who freely forges my details all the time. My bank doesn't have a clue weather I'm a 21/87year old!

    Ooh girlie! Have a stunning week! I'm having a little givaway if you're interested...

    Lots of love - keep out of trouble!


  20. hahahahaha! I love this!

    My dumbest moment... I ate potpourri one time because I thought they were gingerbread cookies. But really is was Christmas cookie shaped potpourri :(

  21. I was really good at forging my dad's signature... my mom's? Not so much. I think I might have even admitted this, but I don't think it ever registered with my parents. Loved your running away story! Of all the things in the house though, was a towel really the only thing they could find? I would have at least wrapped up a video or a CD that was lying around ;-)


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