Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now You Know...More's a sweatshirt with a diagonal zipper - Winners
Striped Tee - H&M, Jeans - Just Cavalli,
Red Denim Platforms - Nine West (2002), EPI Pouchette - Louis Vuitton

So the other day I shared 3 {of 7} unusual things about me here are other 4....

4) S and I don't drink alcohol. I find that when some people learn this, and learn that it's a lifestyle choice we've made, they look at me as though I just hit them in the face with a frying pan. Then once they've recovered, the questions fire away. And no matter how much I explain, I can't seem to quench their thirst.

Now I don't mind questions, in fact I'm happy to answer any question relating to the subject. But when I get the judging eyes, not so much. I never bat an eyelash or make a mental judgement when I know someone does drink, so it'd be nice if when I share that I don't, I didn't get the whats' wrong with you face. Or be looked at as though I suddenly sprouted a halo on my head and wings on my back. Though if I did, that'd be pretty cool, no?

Bow Necklace - gifted by Summer, seen here

5) I am a clown. Well, not really. Cause clowns freak me the heck out. Plus I made the mistake of watching the movie IT when I was 12. Watched it at my friend's house. Big mistake. It's the last time I ever failed to ask, "what's it about?" Anywho, I'm the girl that's not afraid to get silly at a party. Dance in the middle of a circle as I impersonate Elaine from Seinfeld {please tell me you've seen it}. Put on my friend's prom dress and top it off with a bicycle helmet. And yes, since you've read 4) you know I do all this sober. Granted there is a time and place for everything so you won't catch me doing this when it's not called for. Yes, there are times when it is called for. I will make you smile if I know you need it, I will liven up a party if it's gone lame-o and I am never afraid to laugh at myself.

6) That said, I am quiet. Or at least I can be. I attribute this to growing up, for the most part, as an only child. My brother came later in my teen years and my parents both worked full-time. I became independent and learned to love my alone time. I'm perfectly happy being left to my own devices. And perfectly capable of entertaining myself. Even in a crowd I can be quiet and sometimes quiet is the way to go. I get to observe and catch all the good stuff I sometimes miss out on when I'm being loud and annoying fun.

 Zip it.

7) I may wear my heart on my sleeve, be warm and open. But I don't open up to just anyone. So if I share something with you, trust that I haven't shared it with a ton {or even four} other people. I open up to people I feel a connection with, to people I think can relate to me, to people I feel I can trust.

That said, some things, even those dear to my heart, I will share with the world {or with anyone who happens to read this}. Either way, I share pieces of me. And what you see is what you get. you know.
Your turn.
xo Ela
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  1. ahh i love these last 4 facts! we have a ton in common, esp #5 & #6 (for #5 i was all "oh hella yeah!" in my head and reminisced about my wacky costume party days, where it wasnt halloween and i was the only person dressed up...that's just how i roll sometimes). also, im not a heavy drinker at all, so i know exactly how you feel when you get the judging stink eye when you tell people you dont want to drink. haters to the left is all i have to say. LOVE the bow necklace by the way, i love anything bow-related :)

  2. Ha! I laughed hard at "they look at me as though I just hit them in the face with a frying pan". Oooh girl I would so be that person! I am always amazed/perplexed/surprised by people that don't drink at ALL. (especially if it's not b/c of religion reasons). I guess drinking is such a part of our culture... Thank you for making me think twice about how I would react to something like that! You gosh-darn taught me something!!!
    Ooooooh and I so HATE CLOWNS too. SO wrong. "IT" tramautized me. 'nough said.

  3. P.S. I cannot spell tonight...excuse my craptastic comment...

  4. Lucky you that are quiet!! I love my time when I can be alone. But it is not what I have the most. I liked to discover a little more about your self. Thanks.

    B* a la Moda

  5. I love this outfit! Casual but hotttttt :)

    Have a great day! xo

  6. i love the red clutch. You look beautiful and i love your hair.

    i don't drink too. Cos i son' like the taste of alcohol and the effect it has on me. But i love coke! hihihi. Maybe for me it's more about the taste.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  7. I have a deep hatred for clowns ever since I watched It at the age of 11. It terrified me so! And until today, I can never look at clowns the same way again!

    And I'm a quiet girl like you, while my sis is the opposite of me, go figure!

    p.s. Hand me the bow necklace!! Hehe:P

  8. Such a cute outfit!! I don't think it's that weird that you don't drink. I do drink but not often and not very much, it always seems to make me feel sick. I think you're awesome just the way you are!

  9. I loved reading your list. :) You are such a sweetheart and so funny, so none of these surprise me at all.

    I also love this outfit as well. The red clutch was the perfect touch. xoxo

  10. I never judge anyone that doesn't drink. I think its a much healthier and safer lifestyle.

    That being said, and here's where i get way too honest, i prefer spending time with those that do...drink, that is. Like weekend activities kick ass when i can drink and act a fool with those that do it too. Those that don't, well its not the same.

    But that doesn't mean i won't spend time with non drinkers. I have my days ;) haha.

    Big heart ya woman. Xoxo.

  11. Btw i have that same striped top and whenever i wear it i top it with a you! :)

  12. I told you my entire 7 yesterday. Hope you don't think I'm weird now.

    I totally respect that you and S don't drink. In fact, I'm pretty sure I told you so through email during the holidays. It's admirable, because it's a lifestyle CHOICE, and one that stems through your convictions and beliefs. If people judge you for that, they have something wrong with their own moral compass.

  13. I adore the pop of red here- gorgeous LV :)

    Have a great day!!!

  14. i need to not drink either. i rarely do but when it touches my lips, all hell breaks lose.

    the last thing you wrote retiterated how special you are and i am to you since we are open books to one another. i am so grateful for you. i mean that from the bottom of my heart.

  15. I don't drink that much but am the same way, I don't judge those who do either. I too am pretty much an open book but I have learned to be careful and who to share my heart with. It's hard finding a balance. You are a special person!

  16. You're cute as a button. Know that? Its true!

  17. Cute - You're beautiful. Love the blog idea. Gonna look around some more :)

  18. you are just fab through and through!

    i don't drink all that much. i used to have a boyfriend that didn't drink AT ALL, and at first i thought that would be problematic. it wasn't. my sister rightly pointed out to me that it would be better to be with someone that didn't drink at all vs. someone that drank too much. when she said that, the lightbulb clicked on. doy! :)

  19. Lovely pictures :) Cute blog!!!
    Love the red bag! :) <3

  20. wooowww great style. i love your smile!!!!nice blog honey... i like it ;O)

    i follow you, i hope you follow me toooooo????

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)

  21. awww lovely things you share. Speaking of drinking I haven't drank for 3 months now.. huh. And yeah totally agree that Kirsten Dunst needs a trip to the dentist!!

  22. First I love everything about this outfit. So French, so chiiiic!! Oh and I am quiet too, but everyone always assumes I am outgoing so they get shocked when I just want to be alone and be still :)

  23. LOVE the pops of red! How about coffee??? Do you appreciate the bean?

  24. clowns freak the shit out of me too. i also saw IT when i was little and it ruined everything. they are just soooo creepy!

    and i agree, some people get so weird when you say you dont drink. i have a friend who just doesnt enjoy it, so she doesn't. but the crap she gets asked! its horrible. we have such a huge drinking culture here, it must get so irritating for her after a while. i dont get why people care what other people do sometimes

  25. Ela, posts like this make me want to hug you just because!!!!! Loved getting to know you more. And guess what? I don't drink alcohol either ;);)

    Loving the red, white, and black on you. And your wavy hair!

  26. Oh I love that jacket and the bright red clutch with this look!

  27. we've got quite a few in common. just because we maintain a blog, post our faces on the internet and a few things that are going on right now does not mean that we do not value our privacy. I very seldom drink alcohol myself - only when the party is in my house. When we go out I would order a virgin Margarita so i don't get that look when I drink a soda =).

  28. Hey hon! Loved reading these additional things about you. As you know, I totally get the non-drinking. People's reactions can be so odd. If I told someone I didn't smoke they wouldn't freak either. Or ironically if I told someone I don't drink Sprite I'd probably get a normal reaction as well. I don't see how alcohol can be so essential to people's lives (which is actually a worrying thing),

    Clowns are scary. Didn't one of the serial killers dress up as one and shoot children (I think it was Gacy). How can people still like clowns after that??

    Gorgeous outfit by the way! Tres chic!

  29. I really looove this post. I've been reading your blog for about a year (is it that much?) via RSS, and it is so moving, to see, that those, you're reading about and laugh with and have fun with are PEOPLE, just like you and everybody here, so thank you for breaking the shell ot the net.
    Btw, I've seen the movie IT, and I simply hate clowns since that. They freak me out. (First time I was 5 and afraid of it, then I wanted to get over this feeling and saw it again at 12. Freaking again.)


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