Friday, August 28, 2009

In a Nutsh...I Mean Eggshell...

Disclaimer: After reading your comments on my last post, it seems I may have given you the impression that I can actually sing...Um, no. So sorry to disappoint. If you recall from a previous post, I confessed to sounding like Minnie Mouse. And when I sing,'s like Minnie on helium...or trippy pain killers - either way, it's not pretty. But oh so great...for taunting S.

I've recently been tagged by Chickie Little at Eggshell Green to share the following:
What is your current obsession?
Boyfriend blazers, I've bought 6 over the last 6 weeks. Hello Fall, I've missed you! *fluttering lashes*
What is your horoscope and how do you relate?
Virgo. I’m a neat freak, a *bit* of a perfectionist, things have to be done in a certain way, in a particular order or it completely throws me off.
I'm also very loyal :)
Side Note: Can someone please tell me, when a post is edited, are subscribers alerted? If so, I do apologize because when I see a typo, I have to edit...sometimes repeatedly when I don't spot them at the same time. Oops. Though I've held back and *ignored* a took a LOT of restraint.

What are you wearing today?
<---- Please excuse the poor lighting and tiny pic(click to enlarge) but must finish a plane to catch so no time to play around :) Top - Winners, Jeans - Vigoss, Saks (again, I know), Patent Pumps - Coach. I'm packing my blazer in my carry-on because planes get cold and I'd rather not use the communal blanket (shocker). And rest assured, I'm packing some socks so right before I pass through the 'detection' I can slip them on and not have to walk barefoot.

What is the last thing you bought?

2 maggies for the plane ride...probably stuff I really shouldn't be reading...

What do you think about the person who tagged you?

I've adored her from day 1 - it was love at first post :) She's uber creative, check out her Etsy shop here. One of the cutest preggers I've ever seen. Her cooking and baking also make me wish I was her next door neighbour. I also have in my head that she'd be a dear friend if we ever met in *real* life.
What’s for dinner?
Since we're flying home, *I Got A Feeling* [sing it B.Eyed.P] that I won't be cooking. We'll see what we're in the mood for when we touch the ground.
What’s your favourite decade, fashion wise?
Right now! Amazing designers are emerging all the time and with fashion now, there's so much available that each of us can put our own stamp on things - our twist on trends, mix vintage with new, mix highs and lows, etc.
What are your must haves for summer?
Sunscreen, hair-free legs, pedicures, sandals, dresses, skirts, loose tees and cardis/jackets for chilly nights.

What would you love to be able to afford?
A week at the beach. At least every six weeks. With the exception of quarterly 3-week trips alternating between Europe and Asia. Hopefully before I'm old and wrinkly and can don a bathing suit without scaring little children and can travel without tiring.
What is your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe?
I can't play favourites, I love all my shoes.
[Um, these are not actually mine. Sigh.]
What is your dream job?
What my heart desires most...
being a mom.

What is your favourite magazine?
I subscribe to InStyle, Lucky and People Style Watch. The first 2 were gift subscriptions from many moons ago and I've renewed them over the years, I've come to look forward to receiving them in the mail...I'm not quite sure if I keep it up because I love them or because they're now part of my routine. Of course, who does't love Vogue?
Describe your personal style?
I'm not afraid to experiment but I also dress modestly in terms of being *covered up*. I follow trends in the sense that I know all about them but won't jump on the bandwagon if it's not for me. I own a lot of classic pieces that I mix with "current" pieces. I like polished-casual but mostly I'm a girly-girl. I wear a dress or skirt to Church every Sunday and at least once throughout the week.

Which Beatle is your favourite?
I know they're legends but sadly I don't have an affinity for any particular one. I did however want the car pretty badly a few years back.
What are you proud of?
Of accomplishing everything I've set my mind to. Some things have taken time, some things are still in progress and that's perfectly fine by me, I've never felt especially proud of things that came easy.

No pressure as to if/when you actually do this, but I'm tagging you anyway...the lovelies at Life is Bananas, K. Law: Inspired, Made You Blush and Lar from Asian Cajuns
Happy Weekend, everyone!
xx Ela
p.s. Please wish me a safe flight...the plane is teeny tiny and those *baby planes* scare the heck out of me...thanks :)
I'll catch up with your blogs soon!
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  1. i've been tagged...woohoo! and because YOU tagged me i will do it, yup i sure will. just don't know when so be patient my friend.

    today i am actually wearing a pair of shoes seen in that shoe pic. i now feel even cooler. but can you believe i don't own one boyfriend blazer. i just haven't found one i like yet and i won't buy online because those kind of things need to be test fitted, ya know?

    anywho, have a fabulous weekend my darling! xoxo.

  2. I love your answers. And I love what you're wearing today! That shirt is so pretty. You look a million times better than I ever do for plane rides. Lol.
    Have a safe flight!! :)

  3. Glad you're headed back! Hope things go smoothly on the flight. I despise those little puddle jumper planes. So scary.

    Thanks for the tag love! Now, I have something to do until the bell rings at 1:00 and I can get the F up outta here.

  4. Love your answers, it's so fun getting to know other bloggers. I hate those little planes, or as I call them "flying buses" too. I was flying on one during a Hurricane. Yep, I almost had to change my undies after that flight. Have a safe trip!

  5. love the survey post, and i think youll make a fantastic mommy one day :)

    have a safe and calm flight!

  6. love this tag. have a safe flight and a fun time at home! you'll be missed :) and i dont think subscribers are alerted.. i do this all the time to.. usually at least twice haha! see u when u get back!

  7. fun tag! cute answers too. I will be flying too next week so like you, I always bring my socks so I don't walk barefoot, plus just like you said it becomes handy since it gets cold in the plane =)

  8. Love your tag answers and pics, especially that shoe collage! Your blouse is lovely :)

    Have a safe trip, darling, and a fabulous weekend!


  9. Safe travels lady! I totally post post edit. Is that wrong? Oh well. Guess I'm wrong. Ah ha. I think I will pull the trigger on that blazer. : )

  10. no no no! no one actually hit my car. it was dave playing a joke on me, little shit. yea i about had a heart attack and went bananas but thankfully i recognized the handwriting before all hell broke loose. lol.

  11. i need a neighbor to bake for me and look cute pregnant to give me some hope and food! i have been so indecisive about my magazine subscriptions. i used to get allure and instyle, now i get allure, elle and vogue. ugggh, i miss in style though...i stalk the website. hope you have a wonderful weekend dear!

  12. ps. they are the black ones on the 2nd row all the way on the right. yea the one with all the straps. talk about bondage.

    whoa! did i really just leave you 3 comments.

    oh yea!

  13. If you like blazers/jackets, you should get some of the cute ones from the Francis fall collection. We could be twins! Have a great trip.

  14. Fun facts and I adore Ur plaid top! :-)


    Have a safe flight dear!

  15. I love this fact about you; 'Some things have taken time, some things are still in progress and that's perfectly fine by you,...never felt especially proud of things that came easy.' I really must continue to progress to this attitude! errr...Patience has never been my virtue! hahaha on Minnie Mouse, as long as you haven't broken/shattered any glass...or have you?! ~Fabulous weekend Ela darling! xo*

  16. I love blazers too, I can't stop buying them and even my latest blog post is about them *sigh*. That top you're wearing is lovely and I hope you have a great holiday!!

  17. Oh man, Poor Ela people thought you had a kid and you could sing! Lol, too many misinterpretations in one day! I love what you are wearing today, girl! You really look like you came straight off of the cover of a J.Crew magazine. It is something about your look. I think it's the fact that you're stunning but you still have an approachable feel. I dunno but I love it!

    P.s. my dream job is motherhood too! I wanna slice oranges and take them to little league games and say things like "We don't hit" and "5 minutes till bedtime. Hurry, Hurry. munchkins!" (like my mom did) haha. I just need to get married first... baby steps (no pun intended)

  18. Sigh... I just love you more everytime I learn more about you (and love you in a non-creepy internet stalker way of course!!)
    I would never use the communal blanket either- eeek! And I think packing socks is so necessary- walking barefoot on those airport floors? Oh my!
    I will say lots of prayers for your safe flight!!

  19. I love your answers and images!!!!

    happy weekend dear,


  20. Awwww being a parent is kind of my dream job too lol. And yay for blazers! 6 in 6 weeks?! That's some serious dedication, I am in awe, you just need one more so you can wear one each day of the week ;)

    My road seems to be full of old cars - original mini, original beetle and a green nissan figaro. I so wish I could have an original beetle. Not too sure about the new ones though. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton actually asked the director specifically to be able to smash a new beetle on screen because they thought it has sold out it's soul. What was the car for free thinkers and students became the car of estate agents and bankers. Buuuut I still think it looks nice!

    Hope you have a safe trip and a beautiful weekend :)

  21. "Since we're flying home, *I Got A Feeling* [sing it B.Eyed.P] that I won't be cooking. "

    bwahahahahahaha...I was just listening to that...dont ask me why either, but have you heard the new song? WTheck? Anyway, back to this amazing post...

    I need a bf blazer! And Shoes are my one true love, at least for now. So is traveling, I'm with you on that one.

    You look so great for flying. I'm flying in 3 weeks to Atlanta and you're inspiring me not to look like Mary Kate Olsen...

    Safe travels my love!!!! love love love!!!

  22. I just came across your blog. Very cute! love it!! xx Taylor

  23. Great post! I've bought two boyfriend blazers lately too, and I love them.

    Let me know if you find out about the subscribers/edit thing. Cause I do it too. Oops.

  24. Ahh, I loved reading this :) Hopefully you're home safe by now... I so know what you mean about small plans. Despite all my traveling, it's the one type of carrier I try to avoid. Impressed you bought so many boyfriend blazers! I thought I was going crazy last season when I bought two in a row... haha. Anyhow, I actually thought your answer about the 'dream job' was refreshing and lovely. So many write 'fashion xxx' (not my dream job by the way). I'm sure you'd be a terrific mom... I might hold of singing to the little one in the beginning though ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear! xoxo

  25. have a great trip! and you are SO right, the best fashion decade is now!

  26. i do alot of editing as well ... i dont think anyone can see it though.

  27. very great post ... and no, your subscriber only see the first published post - you can edit as much as you want afterward - xoxo

  28. I really like that top - you look so cute in it!

    Shucks, thanks for all those nice compliments. You should move here and be my neighbour. I'll definitely bake you cookies and cupcakes (I did for my old neighbours but they moved and we've had horrible ones ever since).

    And what's holding you back from being a mummy? It's a big decision but an amazing one at the same time. Just gotta get through pregnancy, that's all!

  29. Thank you for tagging me with this amazing post of questions!!! Gonna take me a while to come up with amazing answers like yours :)-
    Safe travels and we'll talk soon i'm sure. Luv ya girly ♥

  30. Have a great trip. Great answers girlfriend!

  31. i love your blouse in that shot! LOVE IT!!!

    and those communal blankies and pillows on planes give me the heebie jeebies, too!!! bah! same with hotel bedding! ack!!!!!

    i hope the little plane ride went well. it is always a relief to land on the ground and BE ALIVE! clearly flying makes me nervous!!!

    hope you have a great weekend!!!

  32. I agree with drollgirl I also love your blouse ^_^ It's sooo pretty. You have a very nice blog, I followed you ^_^

  33. i love boyfriend blazers too! they are so comfy, as far as jackets go.

    being a mum is my dream job too!!! do people ask u when your going to have babies alot?

  34. Hi Lovely Ela!

    Hope your flight was deeeelightful! I hate those baby planes too! They scare the bee-jesus out of me! But, like you, I would loooove to have trips to Asia and Europe at least as often (even though flying is not my favorite thing).

    Thank you so much for the lovely tag!!! I'll do it this afternoon. I love finding out about my favorite bloggers ;) Hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday with your mans.


  35. such a great blog. I love it. keeps getting better.

  36. Hey Ela! Loved reading these new facts about you! Hope you had a safe flight back home!

    In response to your comment....No, I didn't get a haircut :). That's what I get for always having my hair up in all my outfit posts!! Hahaha.

  37. I wish you all the best in conceiving Ela!

    We were one of the lucky ones - it took us literally one week to get pregnant after we decided to try, so I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for those who have waited so long already.


  38. Cool post. I enjoyed reading it. Safe flight. Have a nice trip.

  39. I agree, I like having shaven legs during the summer too! Aww, that is sweet that you want to be a mom, hope you get to do that in the near future?! I always enjoy learning more about you!


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