Thursday, August 13, 2009

2nd Giveaway (CLOSED)

Approaching 2 months of blogging, I wanted to hold another giveaway for all my lovely readers including new ones since my first giveaway. If you know Kym from beecreative, you know she's amazingly creative! I recently ordered my first [I am now addicted] custom tee from her and couldn't be happier. It arrived just the other day...

I LOVE it and am looking forward to wearing it for more than the minute I threw it on for these pics. Probably going to top it off with a black blazer, which is another thing I'm addicted to these days.

Do you love it? If you do, here's your chance to get your own Love Hangover Tee.
Here's what you need to do:

1. Be or become a follower
2. Leave a comment telling me something about YOU, Love or your favourite tee
3. For a second entry, post this contest on your blog.
Please leave me a separate comment so I can enter you twice.
4. Open to International readers as well!
Entries will be accepted till August 20th. Winner will be announced on August 21st.
Please note, colour of the tee may vary depending on the winner's size.
"I've got the sweetest hangover, I don't wanna get over."
~Diana Ross, Lyrics for Love Hangover
Good Luck everyone!
p.s. I've got some news coming up tomorrow...
p.p.s. Kym is also holding a giveaway, do check it out!


  1. oh my oh my... you sport that shirt quite nicely Ela! hehe! you may just have to be one of my models. ;P love that diana ross songs! old songs are the best... im such an oldie at heart. haha!

    i hope tomorrows news is GOOD news!!! :)

  2. okay i just had a fob moment.. i meant to say love that diana ross SONG. singular. my love for engrish is slowly taking over.

  3. That's such a cute T! I am not sure what I would do...I will think today and bookmark this page to post later on :)

  4. ela, thank you so much for your comment today. it made me smile really big! :)

    that shirt is super cute on you. i love it and of course i love kym and that creative mind of hers.

  5. Good to know, haha :) Yay, I don't have to create my own because I like yours!

  6. Love it ♥ Just like your blog. Of course i follow you :)-
    Hmmmm fact about moi: I don't own many t-shirts, hence why i NEED to win this one!!!

  7. Lovely, Ela!

    I adore tees that are very broken in :)


  8. I follow already (via google!!). I love... sunny days, sushi, baking, gymming, dancing, meeting people, walking around discovering new places, jazz.

  9. Great giveaway! That shirt is toooo cute!

    You know I follow :)

  10. Super cute...LOVE is all we need indeed!
    You are doing fabulously for a 2 month blogie darling...

    xo* as always!

  11. It's such a cute tee. You look fab! I added myself today, I thought I was following you already. : )

  12. What a cute Tee! I like the shirt that says Blog nerd, he he, that is so us! ;) Hope you are having a great week darlin!

  13. YAY! Congratulations on almost 2 months of blogging! WOOHOOO! great giveaway, I love tees! they are so perfect with jeans on any given day :) Especially whites ones!

  14. I ordered a custom shirt from Kym as well but I'm always willing to add to my collection...her shirts are great.

    P.S. I'm already a follower :)

  15. Oo yay! Already a follower. Aaaand I would say that one thing that really gets me about love is its complete unpredictability. You never know where it's gonna take you next.

  16. Hello Ela. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but what a perfect day to get back to you!

    So tell you something about me... Hm? I'm really passionate. I love a lot of things. I dress up in twirly skirts and dance around when I'm alone. I love flowers. I like to make people smile. I listen to Christmas songs in the middle of July. Oh and I believe in happily ever after. No matter what. (P.S. Link trade? Let me know if you want to.)

  17. Such a cute tee! And you look great, sweetie! x

  18. ohh cute! And yay your shirt came in!! And of course I'm a follower lol, lets see something about me... I'm a lazy person when it comes to getting ready in the morning, I take 15 min between getting up and out the door in the morning because most days I just put some eyeshadow on, brush teeth and face and I go out the door. LOL.

    I'll advertise your giveaway on my blog tomorrow! :D

  19. I hope my tee looks as adorable on me as yours does on your!!! Of course I follow you!! Love your blog :) And my current favorite tee is a cheapy from Target that says "My White Tee is Green." But having one of Kym's tees would be much cooler!

  20. you look soo relaxed -- jealous!


  21. Cute shirt!! I have kym's "fluent in engrish" shirt!

  22. lovely giveaway!! I just discovered your blog! You've got fab style :)

  23. Very cute! My favorite tee was stolen from me by my very devious best friend over ten years was a vintage Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon extremely worn in and faded....pretty sure it was worn to death by a groupie in the 80s and then left for dead at a thrift store. SHE enjoys it greatly...I'm sure...

  24. What a great giveaway! You look love-ly in that shirt! :)

  25. so cute on you!

    my name is hanako66 and I LOVE your blog:)

  26. Yessssssss! I love it! I am totally a follower, and my favorite T is my "Born to blog" shirt I wore to my happy hour last Friday ;-)

  27. How cuuuute is that top! I love your hair! I can't wait to hear the news!

    I am gonna add this giveaway to my most recent post since I am out of town this weekend.

    p.s. I don't like Robert Pattinson either... I think he looks homeless

  28. what a fun giveaway! yay for 2 months of blogging and to many more to come! :)

    I'm a follower of course, I love you and your blog!

  29. Im already a follower :). Awesome giveaway. I hope to feel better soon, I'll blog about my fav custom tee.

    >>> Rebecca Rose

  30. Hi there, just started following your blog last week! Enjoying it very much so far :) My favorite tee I own is pink and says "it's better in the Hamptons". Found it at a thrift shop while visiting my inlaws in Florida. It is SO COMFY. LOVE IT.

  31. I love Kym's shirts, I am on the verge of ordering one...I am trying to think of what I want on it though!!

    Elly Welly you are a HOTTIE! Can I say that without sounding weird? haha! YOU ARE!

  32. My favorite tee is one from the Gap that I've had forever, perfectly broken in.....yay!

    heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

  33. ah i love her shirts!! and this one is just too adorable! love hangovers are amazing...its such a natural high! :)

  34. The tee is gorgeous! I'm such a t-shirt girl I rarely buy anything else!

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  35. Well I'm a follower already

    && hmm... something about ME?

    I am completely addicted to Blogger >_< haha I can't resist reading blogs and making posts in all of my free time. I wont' say how much time I spend blogging thouggh because I'm embarrassed by my addiction, LOL

  36. I'm follewer already of course! :-) Great Teee!


  37. Hey Ela, I'm your dedicated follower :DD
    I love your blog : )
    Hmm, something about me.... Oh, I finished watching "the Lord of the Ring" trilogy with my husband the other day, and I liked it : )
    Am I a nerd now??


  38. Very very cute shirt! I'm already a follower :) Something about me? hmmm. My favorite foods are sushi, sugar-free jello, and unsweetedned applesauce. Maybe not the most common three ;P

  39. Oh, and I posted your giveaway on my blog! Just letting you know :)

  40. just came to ur blog, thanx for the lovely giveaway.
    i follow you now!

  41. Dear, MakeupSnob is having this giveaway, (to all MAC, SEPHORA and NYX lovers) click here: and take your part!

    love lots,

  42. I love tee because I also wear them to sleep :) but of course I choose the tee that I find comfy to sleep. I wear tee all day long :).

    I am new follower


  43. on second entry is blog contest


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