Monday, September 14, 2009

Weight a Minute

Here's the thing. I've lost 6 lbs. 
This is not good. 
Well, because if you remember, I get comments like "go eat something". Also, because despite the weight loss, my clothes fit exactly the same...actually, to tell you the truth, now they fit worse. Sleeves on certain tops, make my arms look like plump sausages about to bust through their casing. 
You are what you eat? 
My calves have gotten even smaller.
Yet my pants are sligthly harder to zip up. Which tells me, the weight I loss - must've been all, which wasn't much to begin with, the muscle tone that I had.
How did this happen? 
Simple, I haven't been to the gym since June. Around this time I also stopped doing toning exercises for my arms. Basically summer came, and I became a lazy bum.

Even my shadow's turned to mush.
Neon Cardi - Smart Set, Shoes - Arturo Chiang
Dress - Costa Blanca - I've had this for over 10 years, bought it when I worked for the Urban Behaviour/Costa Blanca slave drivers retail chain while at University/College. The side slit used to go up to my waist but I had a *funny* notion of wanting to wear this dress out in public so I had my tailor fix that. It nows goes just above my knee.

I'm "thin" but not in shape, do you know what I mean? I'd like to think that if I kicked someone it'd hurt, not tickle. I've got to get my butt in gear. And eat better as well. First step in fixing the problem is identifying it, right? Enter the food diary from a few weeks ago...
Breakfast - Bacon and cheddar omelette
Lunch - Sausages on the barbi, greek salad (sans olives + loads of Feta) and 2 roasted marshmallows.
Dinner - Shrimp Bruschetta and Seafood Rissotto
Breakfast - Cleaning like a maniac - no time for breakfast - popped a few Sun Chips in my mouth though
Lunch - KFC with a side of Poutine
Dinner - S's Fried Fish. Grapes, *fancy* cheese and honey. And a Drumstick - the ice cream kind - chocolate oreo version. Mmmmm good.
Breakfast - Nature Valley Chewy Almond Granola Bar....chased with a KitKat Chunky
Lunch - Sausage...again
Dinner - Thai Chicken Red Curry and white rice

Oh and throw in some Gummie Bears and brownies as I like to snack in between "meals". Food? Well, it is edible. Nutritious? Not so much. Is sausage really a meal? Is chasing granola with anything *chunky* ever a good idea?

Why don't I just bathe in the Hudson River while I'm at it. That'd probably be more conducive to my health. At least it would get my heart going. Seriously, what is this? Is this a food diary or the grocery list of a 5 year old girl playing house?

Forget keeping track, clearly writing it down isn't helping anybody.

So here's the plan. I'm going to commit to getting on the elliptical at least 3 days a week so I can stop feeling winded after making a trip up the stairs. And strengthen my legs. Do some weights so  I can put on some muscle. I'm going to eat a proper breakfast, hopefully it'll include some milk (I actually hear my bones when I move) and I'm going to eat at least one fruit and or veggie a day. Not major goals, but it's a start.

It's what I decided over the weekend. I'll start any day now.
How was your weekend?
xx Ela
p.s. Thank you so much for all the sweet birthday wishes!
p.p.s. Some of you have suggested I should post a pic of S since he doesn't read my blog anyway. I should probably mention, he ocassionally reads the comments :)


  1. mush? what mush? you look great....and I LOVE feta cheese and eat about 2 pounds of it daily :0) and my fair share of gummi bears as well {lol}

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Hey sweetie i'm with ya. It's tough to gain weight...what's the deal yo??? I eat ALL the time and the worst foods at that. McDonald's, brownies, sausage, soda, pasta...etc. Maybe if i start eating healthy my body would react in the opposite direction. Just maybe!!! Who knows, but good luck on getting it back. I support ya and am here for you. I know how hard it can be. Grrrrr!!!
    P.S. Those shoes are GORGEOUS as is the neon cardi. We need to share closets :)-

  3. gurrrrl, you look amazing! i love that outfit, so gorgeous. and 2 days ago was my first time going to the gym and actually using the equipment haha. so dont feel bad because clearly there are other people who need to get their asses in shape much more than you! :)

  4. OMG you look gorgeous and fabulous. You are so freaking hilarious though...seriously...

    "Is chasing granola with anything *chunky* ever a good idea?"

    I laughed so loud.

    Thats awesome you want to be more too me too, I'm really trying! Yay that we can all motivate each other!

  5. i started reading this and i almost threw my laptop on the floor. do you realize how good you look. it's almost not fair! i WISH i could eat like crap and lose weight. that would be my dream diet. you look fab, stop saying any different. k i'm done now :)

  6. Hey sweetie, first of all you look great and I adore your outfit. However, as a nutritional advisor I must be serios here and mention an importance of proper eating. You do need to include foods that nourish you, give your body vitamins and minerals and reduce those loaded with sugar and saturated fats. If you are interested I can give you proper advice via e-mail or skype (typing kind as don't have mic at the moment). Just let me know.

    Take care, sweetie.


  7. happy b-lated... and ugh you dont look like mush gesh your crazy lol

    love the dress

    Vi from Cali

  8. your outfit is so so nice.i understand how you feel about your body, but, as you said, take on step at a question, how tall are you?[cm please:D]

  9. I think that you have a great body and the clothes seems wonderful on you!! You can just starting going to the gym again to feel fit but I think that you are great anyway:)

  10. Oh, I hear you. Whenever I put on weight, I always put on weight on my arms. It sucks. And I'm being so lazy too! Haven't been to the gym in forever and have been lagging behind on my tennis since months :(
    Shame on me.
    I'm going to go get some KFC
    Don't glare at me! Old habits die hard ;)

    Yep, I'm back! XO

  11. You wouldn't know it. You're so adorable my darling! The gym does make you feel better. Husband forces me to go (well, not really, but the guilty look kinda sucks) 4 days a week. I'm no super model and in fact, I'm bigger than I've ever been, but I feel good.

  12. First off you look amazing in that picture but I totally know what you mean. I'm itty bitty too but I have absolutely no muscle tone. You can be skinny and still be out of shape and now that I'm approaching the big 3-0 (Lord help me) I really am trying to do better about eating healthy and working out more. I wish you best in this and hopefully it will continue to inspire me to do the same :)

  13. Love that neon cardy!

    I need to motivate myself to get back to the gym... I went consistently during the winter but have stopped since June...pathetic! And I am still paying my membership! Let's motivate eachother :)

  14. Oh dear. We have opposite problems. I eat similar things and gain weight...and yet you're losing weight. I understand your problem though. You have a fabulous body, so for you to lose weight is kind of scary. :S Good luck at the gym! And ironically, I have also made a pact to eat healthier too. So we're changing out eating habits together! :)
    Oh, and I love that yellow cardigan by the way. Bright colors look fabulous on you!

  15. I understand what you mean but I think that you look amazing! Your body is fabulous! You're so lucky to be able to eat all hat stuff and not gain weight! I've put on 10kg the last 2 years or something!
    Reading your posts always makes me laugh! You have such an amazing sense of humour!

  16. well i see no mush lady!!! just beautiful you!!! and i am definitely LOVING YOUR SHOES!!!! OH MY!!!

  17. RED MEAT! RED MEAT! RED MEAT! carbs carbs carbs!haha! ;P my bf is trying to gain weight and he just eats and eats and eats and does exercises. But you’ve already planned to do that anyway. :)
    have a happy monday ms.ela!

  18. Ela, you look great as it is! But yeah, a healthy diet should include several servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.

    I don't exercise,if you call brisk walking while shopping for groceries or window shopping as a form of exercise then that's it.That's why I'm a lot rounder now compared to how I look about 2 yrs. ago.hehe!

    Love your look and you're still so slim! :)

  19. Ela, it's not fairrrrr...
    You know how hard for me to lose a few lbs!
    You look stunning darling...just be healthy ok & we should just forget about the numbers! kiss-kiss**

  20. i think you look great, and as long as you feel great you shouldn't worry too much!

  21. I can't tell that you look less toned, but you're right... it's one of those things you feel more than anything else and losing muscle is very different from just losing weight. Looking at your diet I actually went 'whoa... and I thought I was bad!'. Lady, you know I have a sweet tooth, but you gotta integrate some veggies or fruit into your diet (do I sound like a mom yet? ;-) I've actually recently cut out snacking except for 'special occasions' (i.e. like the wedding anniversary we just celebrated). I got really lazy with workouts for a while, but I've started again, just because I feel better about myself. And since my dad's surgical thing, I've been really paranoid about my diet, knowing how easy cholesterol can clog the arteries. Not that I'll ever give up chocolate completely...

    I disagree with what others have said though.. just because you look great, doesn't mean you should continue eating the way you do. Sports and diet aren't about losing weight, they're about being healthy (and I know you know that). Good for you changing that... let me know how it goes!

  22. I am dying to see a picture of S... you know how it is? You hear about someone forever and you just want to see whether their actual picture matches the one in your head?? Anyway... my vote is for an S sighting on the blog :)
    I know the feeling lady about the skinny but not in shape. That's me too. And yet, seeing you and your killer outfits and beautiful hair and makeup makes me think skinny and out of shape isn't so bad... if it means I look like you!!!! And your food diary made me giggle... I love the gummi bear snacks and your reference to your shadow turning to mush was beyond hysterical!! You are just so awesome!

  23. That happens to me in the winter when I'm not active. I hate losing muscle tone because I just feel out of shape, but it's not the end of the world. You still look great!

  24. I am loving that neon cardigan :) I totally know where you are coming from. I have serious troubles with my weight, mainly due to my medical issues. As much as it fluctuates, it's the loss of muscle that gets to me. I do some serious workout routines and keep myself pretty trim, but at the same time I always have to make sure I am eating more than I normally would to keep my weight up. Keeping it healthy can be hard at times, but little changes like a bag of dried fruit or handful of nuts instead of crisps really do make a difference. Ooh and you should totally try jogging, it works wonders for making your legs good lol. Hope you're having a beautiful day :)

  25. crap! i wish i could give you 6 of my pounds!!! and i think you are beautiful, so don't forget that!


  26. Lol even your shadow's turned to mush? Oh Ela, dahlin, don't stress! The six pounds just went on vacation, but they will be back! And girl, you haven't even seen bird legs until you've seen mine! They are like two bamboo stalks sticking out of the bottom of my dress. I suppose I am the epitome of skinny but not in shape!

    P.s. thank you so much for telling me Whitney's middle name was Eve. I was seriously quite confused.

  27. i'm thin but not in shape, too. so hard to get motivated to work out. haha

  28. The muscle dystrophy is happening to me too.. We just got a scale that shows your body fat and I found a pattern.... I find I"m excited to lose weight but I also gain fat in the process.... NOT good.. And I thought your mushy shadow comment was funny... hahahha!! And I think I'll have to start my own food diary too... i don't think the husband and I have been eating well lately. Thanks for the reminder! Hahah!

  29. Oh girl, I wish I would accidentally loose 6 pounds by eating bacon and cheese omlettes lol.

  30. i giggled at your own comments at your food diary. you are too too cute! im checking out a gym on thursday, ive finally found one close by that is cheap too! fingers crossed for me. ive gained a lot these past few months and have been struggling to loose them. why oh why are things like gummi bears so damn tasty?! and when is someone going to make calorie-free food?!! come on scientists!!!

  31. That outfit is just lovely, adore the dress. I know what you mean by skinny but not in shape thats excactly how I am. I have decided to do something about it ... I jog 6 days a week.. and have gotten VERY obsessed. Best of luck


  32. well you look fabulous...

    I am in the same EXACT boat...let's do it together!!!

  33. I got derailed too by some seriously mean woman times. Time to get back at it!

  34. Oh darling, you look stunning! you are greate as you are, stay calm! and if you want to look better just fight for it! ^.^

  35. Don't stress, your body is fabulous and so is that outfit. good call on getting it tailored!

  36. happy belated birthday! I believe feelings fitness/hotness are all mental. I lose weight too (on the scale) usually if I don't go to the gym, but I feel like shamu and usually develop an insufferable attitude. Luckily, you definitely don't seem to have that problem! Good luck with your new plan. I swear this blog is some of the funniest shit I have ever read.

  37. totally forgot to mention yesterday that I am obsessed with that dress on you!! Fab!

    *do enter the giveaway on my blog, dahlin!*

  38. You look great to me...and that dress hugs your body well! I also have been remiss in my exercises...haven't jogged in months...and I'm an eater, so you know what that means!

  39. I was offended by that "Go Eat Something" comment... It's just so... unacceptable. That's like saying to a fat person, "You're disgustingly huge, you elephant." I mean, if you were like Nicole Richie circa 2007 skinny, maybe there would be a degree warranted... well, maybe not.

    I don't know. There is a line, and it was crossed.

    I think you may feel some empathy when you read this post: "You're sooooooooo skinny!. Gawd, sometimes I hate people. :)

  40. My hubs reads my comments sometimes too...don't ya love it? I can't believe you lost 6 lbs without knowing it. The only way I ever loose weight these days is if I am like absolutely starving all the time...that's what's fun about getting older, I presume....omg and how have I never heard of a Kit Kat chunky? Is that some kind of joke. Yea, we know, Kit Kats will make me chunky.

  41. I wish I had your problem, I actually gain if I don't work out, lol. You are lovely no matter what but I wish you luck with your gaining weight venture!


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