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Fashion's Other Influential Carrie

SJP's Carrie had Patricia Field, but Carrie of Couture Carrie does it all on her own. Couture Carrie is infused with inspiring looks and photos. Day after day it gives its readers a daily dose of inspiration, just the right amount to pull together an outfit for the day, plan your shopping list, add to your wish list or give you something to daydream about to get you through an otherwise monotonuos day.

CC is beautiful, warm, kind and despite her large following, always makes time to leave lovely comments on her readers' blogs, makes herself available via email, and is truly delightful. Addressing her readers in nothing but sweetness, CC is a true "darling" and didn't hesitate to set aside some time to do this interview with me, one of her 521(and counting) followers.

Ela: Under your profile you begin by saying “Fashion is my sustenance!” How did this love for fashion come about?
CC: According to my parents [CC's mom, pictured right, in Vietnam], I began selecting my own outfits and delighting in clothes at the ripe old age of 2, so if it's possible, I feel that my love for fashion is innate!

Speaking of sustenance, what else sustains you, what are your favourite things to eat?
CC: Avocados and bacon are at the top of the list. And of course there's robust red wine and dark chocolate, preferably together!

Ela: Every post is so cohesive, what inspires you? Do the photos you come across lead to the inspiration or does the search for relevant photos come after you’ve established the title?
CC: When I view the collections, I see common threads among Designers, and these commonalities inspire posts. I then add my own research of past and present looks to round out the theme. I also draw inspiration for editorials and off on-the-runway model photos on Of course, I also rely on my Fellow Fashionistas for inspiration!

Ela: Your readers only get to see the fabulous result, on average, how long does it take to put together at post?
CC: I would say that each post "percolates" in my subconscious and has a corresponding folder on my computer for several weeks before it matures. Then, when I sit down to write it and caption the images, each CC post takes about an hour to publish.

Ela: How would you say your blog has evolved since you first started in February 2008?
CC: My blog began as a very personal endeavor...a journal of sorts that I began while at a crossroads in my career and life. I don't think I had any readers at all for the first few months, and I didn't mind. As I became more emotionally invested in Couture Carrie, I devoted more time and energy to the cause and was rewarded with feedback and followers.

Ela: Do you have a post you favour most?
CC: My two favorite items of clothing are bustiers and legwear, so my corsetry and tights posts are imbued with true CC passion! They are definitely my favorite types of posts to research and compose.

Ela: Looking through your favourite movies, you’ve listed quite a few. What are your top 3, or have you listed them in order?
CC: My favourite movies are the Princess Bride, Anchorman and Legally Blonde.

Ela: What’s the one piece of advise you think every blogger (newbie or seasoned) ought to know?
CC: If you give love, you get love. Be a frequent commenter, be sincere, and value the kinship among your Fellow Fashionistas.

Ela: Is there a current trend fashionistas have hopped on that you wish they hadn’t?
CC: CC is not a huge fan of the jean cut-offs and tights phenomenon...I also deplore terry clothing in all forms (except perhaps robes!)
[Ela: Note to self, do not post Juicy Couture gym outfits]

Ela: Single most influential style icon?
CC: My mother. She was quite the fashionista in the 60s and 70s, and I now have all her vintage garments to play with and from which to draw inspiration.

Ela: Style icon whose style you most emulate?
CC: Sienna Miller. She always looks polished, whether she’s going to the market or to a film premiere at Cannes.

Ela: If we spotted you on the street on a Sunday afternoon, what would you be wearing?
CC: J Brand skinnies, boots of some type – Loeffler Randall is a fave, a white Old Navy tank, and a Tolani or American Apparel scarf.

Ela: Can your readers look forward to an outfit post?
CC: Hmmm... CC occasionally throws in some personal pics, but they are few and far between. Here’s one!
Ela: Beautiful photo CC, but we want one where we can see you :)

Ela: If only one item of clothing had to stand out while the rest remained insignificant, what would it be?
CC: A patterned tunic or minidress ~ so versatile, seasonally malleable and striking.

Ela: Are there any questions you’ve always wanted to answer or think your readers wonder but perhaps never ask?
CC: Curiously, no one really ever inquires as to what I do for a living. I have had several careers thus far. I was a commercial real estate attorney for a large Connecticut firm for two years, then I taught high school Spanish for four years in New York City. Now I am a part-time Pilates Instructor and fulltime Blogger/Editor. This is, by far, my best job yet!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ela ~
I really enjoyed the interview!


Thank you CC, you are an absolute delight!
And thank you for the lovely advice, which you so lovingly exemplify,
you are a true darling!
If you haven't already, get clicking to Couture Carrie.
Be prepared to be inspired!


[All photos provided by CC]


  1. One of my fave blogger is CC. So inspirated and very kind person. Pilates Instructor sounds fantastic job... :-) I don't know too. Thanks for sharing for great interwiew. I adore reading CC's answers and what a great questions as always...

    Have a fresh week Honey!


  2. Carrie is so gorgeous lady! And, one of my Top Daily Inspirations! I adore her!
    Wonderful, wonderful Interview!


  3. Thank you so much, darling Ela! The post looks fantastic!


    P.S. I am having a contest on my blog today so be sure to pop by!

  4. Great interview Ela!
    CC is one fabulousss Fashionista indeed...and a lucky one too- she has her mom's vintage garments to play with! Can she be more fab?! Have a lovely week to you as well Ela!


  5. Carrie is a nice woman, with many goog ideas.
    Love this interview.

  6. Good ideas and always a kind word.

  7. I love that you are profiling other blogs and doing interviews. Great idea! And thanks for much for offering support..that sounds great. I will post you on my blogroll tonight :)

  8. Thanks for the interview on CC! I too heart her blog and she is always packed full of inspiration. Glad I came across your blog because you are packed full of fashion and inspiration as well!

  9. I knew there were numerous reasons why I adored CC but her favorite movies have elevated her to a whole other level! Fab interview!

  10. oh i adore Couture Carrie, her posts are always so yummy to read and she is the nicest blogger ever! Such a stylish and warm person.
    her blog is a delight to visit.
    muah x

  11. CC is a FAVE over at my digs...she is totally fun, inspiring & incredibly creative. I always look forward to seeing the fashion world through her eyes...she has such a unique ability of making what is a huge, somewhat overwhelming world seem so accessible. BRAVA Carrie!! xo Great interview dots...lots of luck with your blog, looks great!

  12. What a great interview Ela! I love getting a deeper look at the bloggers i heart.

  13. Carrie is one of my absolute favorites...a daily read is an understatement!!! Such a great interview, I love learning more about someone I admire so much!

  14. wow! great interview. kudos to you!

    have a great day!

  15. Such a wonderful post! Really good questions and beautiful editing. And it was lovely to learn more about CC. x

  16. She has such a fabulous inspiring photos! I adore it and she posts so often I am never without inspiration!
    Thank you for letting me learn more about her!


  17. Terrific interview! I also loved reading your interview with Ana from Fashion Moment. Both have great blogs I've been reading for the longest time. Thanks so much for sharing these with us :)

    And thank you for linking me. I'll be adding your blog to my blogroll right now. I've really enjoyed your posts - I can tell I'll be visiting a lot in the future... keep up the great work!

  18. Carrie has such an amazing blog! And she always leaves the sweetest comments :) Yum at avocados lol. And I really have always wondered how long it must take her to do a post, they always have such a wide array of material.

  19. Carrie is a beautiful and wonderful blogger. I really enjoy reading her blog posts. She's also got such fantastic clothes posted.

  20. Oh fabulous!! I love CC, you can feel the warmth coming off of her blog, can't you? She really is emotionally invested and it is inspiring.

    P.S. YOU have quite a beautiful blog here! I love all of your writings. They are engaging, thoughtful, well-written and concise! Beautiful! I am so happy I found you!!



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